Darius Slay: "You learn from those situations that you put yourself in"

Posted Nov 22, 2013

Rookie CB Darius Slay talks about looking forward and how being on call for every play impacts his preparation

"Pittsburgh was a tough loss. We came out strong and finished out that first half strong. We were trying to come out in the second half with the same amount of intensity, but it seemed like it wasn't coming back at the right time, so that got us our loss.

Darius SlayCB Darius Slay (Photo: G.Smith/Detroit Lions)

"You just learn from it. You learn from those situations that you put yourself in as a whole defense. All of us could have put ourselves in better position to make the plays, but they get paid just like we get paid, but to move the ball. They out played us there at the end and we just have to make those stops on the defensive side of the ball.

"You have to forget about everything that happened through the first ten games moving forward. We have six weeks left and we're winning. The secondary is obviously a key to helping us win, the only thing we can do is get better and help the whole defense out.

"Being on call to come into the game, it's tough, but that's what being a professional athlete is, coming into the game when you're needed. When you're on the sideline you need to act like you're out there anyway, going through the plays and seeing what kind of position you would have been in if you were on the field. You just have to prepare yourself with mental reps.

"I've learned a lot on what I can use against guys and what I can't. I'm trying to stay more mentally tough than I was in college and continue to prepare myself for this long road. This week in particular is going to be my first experience of having two games so close together. I'm going to to see how I'll adapt to it because my body is already sore.

"Hopefully we'll be getting Bill back this weekend and that will help us with depth. With Don, he plays special teams too, so that will help with recovery and keep our legs rested. Just having an extra body to be used to help us out on the defense would be a great contribution."