Darius Slay Blog: You have to be mentally tough to play this position

Posted Oct 23, 2013

Rookie CB Darius Slay on why confidence is so important for corners and sticking together as a unit

"Losing to Cincinnati was just a tough loss as a team. Our goal now is to just move forward, and continue to get better everyday. It's a team effort. I know it was tough for us in the back end, but like I said, it was a tough loss as a team. We all set ourselves accountable for our actions out there and we're just going to move forward.

"Confidence for a corner is so important and it's easy to just lose it. When you get beat once, then you get beat twice, like with what happened in my situation early on, it's tough. If you get beat once, they sit you down, and if you don't get back in it's just like, dang, and your confidence level goes down.

"It's a one-on-one matchup every time out there. You're guessing, it's a guessing game. Sometimes you get real technical with film and what you learn, but the receiver, he knows what he's going to do. You have to figure out what he's going to do. You have to be good with your technique -- you beat them with your technique.

"You have to be mentally tough to play this position. I know Chris is very mentally tough. He came out there still and made good plays back-to-back after what happened. He did pretty good coming back in the game.

"On the sideline, we just let him know that we're here for him. Like everybody else. We're a team. We're a unit. We go out there and try to win these battles together. It's always up to the back end to do our job and be successful and that's what we're trying to do. If one guy messes up, we all mess up. If one guy looks bad, we all look bad. We're just trying to keep it together as a unit.

"Looking at Dallas, they have great offensive weapons. Shoot, Dez Bryant, he's big and physical as can be. He's considered one of the best in the game right now. We have another challenge this week with another good receiver and another good offense, so we have to go out there and compete."