Darius Slay Blog: "Throughout this process Rashean has taught me a lot"

Posted Sep 18, 2013

Rookie CB Darius Slay on how veteran Rashean Mathis has been an integral part of the learning process, and what tips Calvin Johnson has offered

"I took a lot away from the last game. I learned again that I have to check the formations out more, but I think I did a good solid job with my technique and all. I just basically need to make sure I know the offensive formations better.

"I really take everything as a learning experience. Throughout this process Rashean has taught me a lot. He has a lot of years under his belt and he knows what's going on out there before it even happens. I'm out there playing off of players with raw talent, trying to learn the game, but with Rashean on my side, it's been a big plus. He's helped me out a lot with that.

"He's a very strong mentor. I look up to Rashean. He stayed out there and helped me today after practice. There aren't too many guys that are willing to do that, to help you become better. Since he's already been there and done that, it's been a great opportunity to play with him. He does it for all of us young guys. He wants to help us out and put us in a good position so we we can help the rookies when they come into the league.

"Me and Calvin have also started talking, now that we aren't going against each other like we were everyday during training camp, he's telling me what offense's are looking for and how to avoid PI's. He used the one with Bill at the end of the last game, when the dude slowed down, as an example, and he taught me how to play that. Rashean has taught me how to avoid PI's too, so they've been giving me little tips on that.

"Washington is a threat. With RG III at quarterback, he's a dual-threat, it's going to be a real tough competition. We've got to slow them down, keep him in the pocket, closed in, boxed in and make sure we handle the rest."