Darius Slay Blog: I'm out there communicating like a vet"

Posted Aug 19, 2013

CB Darius Slay on getting first-team reps, having the opportunity to start in the NFL and what he's looking to accomplish vs. New England

"Through the first two games, I've thought I've done a pretty good job - for a rookie. I enjoyed my time on the field, and most of all I had a lot of fun. That was the main thing: to have fun and come out with a W.

"Practicing with the first team has really built up my confidence level even more. I'm out there communicating like a vet, so I'm doing pretty good out there. A lot of things happened, players went down, I had to step up and make big plays and I took advantage of it and that's put me in the position to start this week.

"I feel my biggest strengths have been being long, tall and phsyical. I have speed, can press-man, so I've been doing pretty good and I've been getting better at it everyday.

"The vets have been very good with me. Houston, and all those guys, they crack jokes on me all day, but they've been good to me, teaching me the game and all the stages that come with it.

"I had that 'welcome to the NFL moment' in the first preseason game when I got into the locker room. When I got in there I said, 'Wow, I'm in an NFL locker room,' it was always a dream as a kid to be here and I'm blessed to be here and I'm having a great time doing it.

"This week I'm going to go out there and play my game like I've been doing every week. I want to compete and help the team out. Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks in the league. I've got to accept that, I'm just ready to compete and make plays - that's all we have to do, make plays, and stop the fast pace.

"I'm definitely ready for camp to break tomorrow, but I'm still going to be in that camp mentality. I'm going to continue to work hard and get better everyday."