Darius Slay Blog: I'm learning on my own what I'm good at and what I can win at

Posted Oct 30, 2013

Rookie CB Darius Slay on what he learned from his play against Dallas, what it meant to see Chris Houston have a bounce back performance and how he's progressed through the first half of the season

"I played pretty well against Dallas, but I took that one bad angle on the long touchdown. That was one of my worst plays, but as a team, we bounced back and regrouped.

"Looking at film, I learned how to just draw the receiver and not the ball, my eyes are what got me on that play because I was in perfect position, it's just that I was going towards the ball and not the receiver. I learned a lot from that.

"I took a lot from that game. With agressive, speedy receivers like that, with me having to guard Dez for a lot of plays -- every time I came in I had him -- the competition level gets ridiculous. There was that one catch he caught with his helmet and you know, you have to finish plays, because the great ones do make big plays. You have to be mentally tough and be prepared because big plays always happen.

"It was great to see the game Chris had. Everyone knows what kind of talent Chris has. I consider Chris as one of the top corners, he's just overshadowed right now, but Chris, he competes. He works hard, he showed me a lot of stuff out there on the field that I know works because I used it. He's a great player and having him bounce back like that, that's the Chris that everybody knows.

"Through the first half of the season, from the first game to this last game, I've grown a lot. I'm feeling more comfortable, I'm reading routes better, tackling way better, fitting in gaps with my teammates and I'm just getting better with the film study and learning on my own what I'm good at and what I can win at.

"I'm planning on enjoying this week off. I'm going to take care of my body, see my son and see my fam, and then have a safe trip back."