Darius Slay Blog: I'm feeling the game more now

Posted Oct 16, 2013

Rookie CB Darius Slay on why sometimes you have to get penalized to learn, the defense's second half performance at Cleveland and what winning the next two games means

"I thought I did pretty well against Cleveland. I came in there, I stepped up like I'm supposed to. I made some plays out there, made a few tackles and read my coverage right. I was reading routes better and I think I was just more mentally focused. I'm feeling the game more now.

Darius SlayCB Darius Slay (Photo: G.Smith/Detroit Lions)

"You have to get called for a pass interference to learn. You have to get called for one to see what you can get away with and what you can't. The one I had, you know, he was giving me a little push, so I was trying to hold him off from pushing me. I feel like there's always the offensive lead, but it's all good.

"The defense's play in the second half was great. We came out there just like we always do, getting that three-and-out in the first series of the second half, that's obviously big for us, and then the offense coming in there and scoring. Then we come back in there and go three-and-out again. We played probably our best second half -- actually the best three quarters, really, this season. We beat them physically and mentally.

"After the game I got Joe Haden's jersey and that meant a lot. We had a little talk after the game, we exchanged numbers, my goal now is to maybe to workout together in the offseason.

"Working with the veterans has continued to get better. I just got done working out with Chris after practice, getting my technique right, because you never know who's going to be down and who has to be ready on gameday. I'm justing continuing to prepare myself for that moment.

"Cincinnati is pretty solid. They're pretty good at YAC's, contact after catching the ball, so our main thing is going to be to make sure we're tackling them, getting them down and keeping them from yards after catch, and not giving up big plays to A.J.

"Having these next two games at home and then having the bye is really huge. Our goal is to win all eight at home and try to split the road. So having those two back-to-back wins and then then going into the bye week would be pretty good."