COORDINATOR CUT-UP: Cunningham says Glover Quin is bringing out the best in Louis Delmas

Posted Oct 1, 2013

The consistent play of the assignment-sound Glover Quin is allowing Louis Delmas to shine.

Louis Delmas made some statements to the media last week about the newfound trust he has playing next to teammate Glover Quin.

Delmas wasn't talking against any of the safeties he's played next to since being drafted by the Lions in 2009, but -- no disrespect -- they haven't nearly been the quality of player as Quin has proven to be.

Glover Quin & Louis DelmasS Glover Quin & S Louis Delmas (Photo: G. Smith/Detroit Lions)

"Lou made some outstanding statements that he has a guy on the field that he completely trusts, that is unselfish and plays team football better than anyone he's ever been around," defensive coordinator Gunther Cunningham told on Tuesday.

Delmas is coming off one of his finest career games.

He made two key interceptions in Sunday's 40-32 win over Chicago, but also made a couple terrific open-field tackles that prevented big plays.

"The key has been the acquisition of No. 27 and the kind of football player he is," Cunningham said. "He's very unselfish. He's a system guy. He plays within the scheme. He's got great eyes. And Lou has noticed that too."

One other aspect to consider when it comes to Quin is how his addition has helped with Delmas' durability. Delmas doesn't have to do it all back there anymore. He can play within himself while having complete confidence that Quin will handle his assignments on the other side.

"I think there' no question (having Quin) helps," Cunningham said. "I haven't seen (Delmas) move like that since the injury happened.

"When he first came back to play, Lou Delmas was gambling a lot. He struggled the first couple games. He still played okay, (but) he was frustrated. He wanted to make plays.

"This last week was really a key game for him. He settled down. This last game really showed what he can do, and the two of them playing back there together has really helped us."

Through the first four games, the Lions defense has held the opposing quarterback's passer rating to a combined 69.4, which is the fifth-best mark in the NFL. The league average is 87.2.

The improved play in the backend of the Lions' defense is a big factor for that and both Delmas and Quin are bringing out the best in each other early this season.

Cunningham also touched on a couple other subjects.

On the play of DT Ndamukong Suh on Sunday:

"No. 90, my god, he's finally making the kind of plays everyone wants to see. I always felt he was a catalyst, but no one has ever given him the credit he's getting this year, because he's making some plays in the open that everyone can see.

On the play of his young cornerbacks vs. Chicago:

"I think the way we're handling (Darius) Slay is the best way and not to have him lose his confidence. He knew we respected his ability. We wouldn't have drafted him in the first place if we didn't like him. We wanted to make sure we put him in situations where he could succeed.

"Now, he had one tough play (Sunday). He was there, he fought the guy, and he gave up the touchdown. But what people didn't realize were how many other plays he made. On the way home my son called me and I was a little bit upset about the corners not finishing on some plays. He said, ‘Dad, when you watch the film, you're really going to like it.' I trust him probably more than any coach and usually he's right.

"We know what to do to up-tempo their ability to finish plays. We looked at the tape hard and studied it hard and think we have a way to help them."

On the linebacker play early on this year:

"Both (DeAndre Levy and Stephen Tulloch) have to be really bright, along with the safeties. They make all the calls, make all the adjustments, and sometimes as a coach you sit back late at night and think about it and wonder how they can do it, when it's difficult for you to do it. I'm really proud of them and I respect the heck out of both of them. We play a lot of nickel, so those two guys are on the field all the time.

"Levy has been exceptional in pass defense (two interceptions on the year). He got hit one time vs. Arizona where he didn't finish a play, and they got him, but he's snuffed out I don't know how many screens. They call him the screen killer now.

"I was really happy this past week because (Tulloch) was able to make plays. He's like Delmas a little bit. He gets frustrated when the scheme doesn't allow him to get to the ball as fast as he might want, but this last week he really went after them."