Megatron: "It will put us in a good spot ... if we start 2-0 in our division"

Posted Sep 26, 2013

WR Calvin Johnson talks about this week's match-up with the Chicago Bears at Ford Field

Calvin JohnsonWR Calvin Johnson (Photo: G. Smith/Detroit Lions)

"Especially early in the season, if we could get through two-thirds of our division having won both games, that would be huge. Then we have another one in Green Bay next week.

"It will put us in a good spot as far as going through the rest of the season if we start 2-0 in our division.

"The Bears play a lot of zone defense, so it is tough to get those big plays in there. When they play that zone, Charles Tillman - who they usually put on me - has a little more freedom to sit on some routes, so its tough.

"We just have to switch up a little bit of what we do and we can make some plays on him.

"It's going to be big having Reggie back out there for us. They can't double more than one person at time, so one of us is going to make plays.

"Saying that doesn't take away from Joique, either. Both of them have great balance. Joique is that big guy that can run guys over in the middle of the field as we've seen.

"Both of them can do a lot of the same things. I think it's just the body type and maybe Reggie is a little more explosive, but Joique can pound it in there."

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