Calvin Johnson: Matthew Stafford is "playing exceptionally well"

Posted Nov 14, 2013

In his weekly blog on, WR Calvin Johnson talks about the play of Matthew Stafford and the team's leadership

I've never had anything to say bad about Matt, never will probably. He is playing exceptionally well. It's fun for me to watch him, just how he throws the ball, how he's moving in the pocket, how he's just making plays ... how he's making smart plays. You stack all those good plays on top of good plays we're going to win – and we're doing that.

Last week was one of those victories – it's definitely up there for me. If there was another one that could take that one over easily, it would be winning at Green Bay. But especially with the situation that we had – the opportunity that we had last week to take over the top of our division – that was a big win.

Just to be at this point in my career and to be in the spot that we're at with the rest of the season ahead of us – it's really just what we do with it. Guys are ecstatic to be in this position, not just me. It's a feeling in the locker room and hopefully we take full advantage of it.

The difference with this team compared to past teams is the fact that we have some depth. Guys really know what to do - you don't have any mental errors on the field. It's just the guys just executing the game plan the way it's supposed to be done. Nobody's trying to do their own thing. We're just laying out the Xs and Os, putting them together and making it work.

This week we're playing a smart team. They haven't had the season I'm sure they've wanted to have right now, but they've got playmakers, we've got playmakers. At the same time, any given Sunday, you never know. If you don't bring your 'A' game, the other team will beat you.

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