Calvin Johnson: "It's a must-win for us"

Posted Nov 21, 2013

In his weekly blog on, Calvin Johnson talks about moving forward from last week's loss

After the loss we watched the film and we understood where we messed up and we were able to move on. We are positive because we are still in a good position right now, still with six games to go, we still have our destiny in our hands.

We needed to regain focus. It's just little things here and there, mostly when we're on the field. We need to be on the details. We need to know where we're lining up, where our split is and make sure we hear the entire call. I think that's where we may have fallen off of last week a little bit.

This week is another NFC opponent, so we've got to win. It's a must-win for us. We've got to stack up these wins, we don't want to take two 'Ls' in a row.

The Bucs defense has been getting some credit over the next couple of weeks. They've been playing really well. We've seen it on film. I think they're just starting to gel as a defensive group. So we're catching them at a good time because it's a good test for us.

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