Calvin Johnson Blog: We have to be able to play all four quarters

Posted Oct 3, 2013

Johnson says it isn't the atmosphere that gives the Lions problems at Lambeau, it's the Lions' lack of consistency

Calvin JohnsonCalvin Johnson during last year's December match-up at Lambeau Field.

There's so much history that has come from Lambeau, so being able to go to one of the most historic fields in the league and come away with a division win would be very special not only for me, but for guys like Dominic and some of the other guys that have been here for awhile.

The fact that we haven't won there isn't even about the atmosphere, it's just a matter of execution in the fourth quarter. We've played well up there, but something always seems to happen at the end of the game. We have to be able to play all four quarters.

Having a run presence is big. It forces them to bring that extra defender down in the box, so often times we can gash them in the passing game. Then you get Reggie busting out for a big run. It's great to have it both ways.

Reggie has talked about the good looks he's getting from defenses. From my perspective, I've seen small adjustments during the game that teams have to make because Reggie is killing them.

I expect to see more of that and maybe even more at the beginning of the game now because Reggie is going off on guys when they leave him one-on-one.

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