Calvin Johnson Blog: "This is easily the best team I've been on as far as chemistry goes"

Posted Oct 25, 2013

WR Calvin Johnson talks about getting a win heading into the bye and his optimistic outlook considering team chemistry

I would definitely say we need to win this game. I know the feeling from years past, going into the bye week on a loss. The feeling of not wanting to do anything, all you can do is think about the next game, but it doesn't come for two weeks instead of just a week. It's definitely a game that we need to take advantage of.

Last week's loss was tough, but you've got to give credit to the other team. They get paid, too. I feel like, at times when we execute like we're supposed to, that we can't be stopped.

I think if we can run the ball with our passing game, we could be very efficient and put up a lot of points.

One good thing is that this is easily the best team I've been on as far chemistry goes. We finally have a roundtable with a group of leaders on the team.

We come together, we make decisions and -- based on those decisions that are made -- we pass those along to our meeting rooms.

Everybody's on the same page. I think that, as far as chemistry goes, there's still room to grow, but we're a lot better than we have been in the past.

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