Calvin Johnson Blog: "Much credit to our defense"

Posted Dec 5, 2013

WR Calvin Johnson takes a look at how the Lions can win this weekend at Philadelphia

This week we are up against a guy in Nick Foles who hasn't thrown an interception. Every quarterback in the league has thrown an interception except for Foles. Eventually that's going to come to an end and hopefully it's this game. But when a team's not turning the ball over and with as many turnovers as we have had in the last month, you can't win games like that.

We found a way to win against Dallas and we had four turnovers in that game. But it was just the will of the guys to win. As long as we've got that will to win, I think we can come back even if we have turnovers, but it doesn't make our job any easier.

I don't ever really mention the defense too much, but they have come out with some big stands. We turn the ball over in our territory and the defense will come out and hold them to a field goal or no points at all. Much credit to our defense -- defensive line, secondary, linebackers, they've all done a good job in those situations.

Watching the line play against the Packers, it was like every play they were getting after the quarterback. Every play, the quarterback had to get the ball off early -- he was getting hit almost every play. I kind of felt for the guy because he was on the ground all the time. It's tough for a quarterback to play in those kind of conditions. If they can get after every quarterback like that, we're going to have success.

Philly is going to be cold, it's outdoors. At least we'll be playing on grass. Philly has unruly fans or whatever, but we can hush all that up by playing well and not turning the ball over. If we just make it easy on ourselves, we can win a lot of these games by way more than we do.

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