Calvin Johnson Blog: I believe our talent will rise to the surface

Posted Sep 19, 2013

WR Calvin Johnson looks back on last week's loss at Arizona and how he believes the team will recover

Calvin JohnsonWR Calvin Johnson (G. Smith/Detroit Lions)

It was a tough loss last week.

We went into halftime feeling real good about ourselves, but you could feel the momentum switching in the second half. It started with the turnover and then -- from that point on -- you could just feel the momentum was really on their side for most of the second half.

I know it was a tough loss for the fans as well, especially with the way we started a couple years ago when we went to the playoffs -- fans want to see that again. The idea of 2-0 was exciting, and we ended up losing a very winnable game.

At the same time, we dropped one game. We weren't on our Ps and Qs in the second half from all aspects -- players, coaches, whoever -- and we've just got to do better and finish the game out.

It's a 16-game season. It's not all off of two games. We've got 14 games left to get on the right track.

I believe that our talent will rise to the surface. We'll gel.

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