BLOG: Calvin Johnson on the Lions' depth at wide receiver

Posted Aug 27, 2013

Calvin Johnson elaborates on the Lions' reserve wide receivers and how they have performed this preseason

"All of the guys have done well this preseason, but everybody has work to do. A lot of guys haven't had a lot of game experience. Like our rookie, Corey Fuller, he hasn't really had a lot of snaps.

"It's important to get on the field to get a feel for things and he hasn't had the chance to do that yet. I've been trying to talk to him to get his mind right for this game because he'll be playing a lot more.

"Pat (Edwards) has done well. His instincts and a lot of game experience during this preseason has been good for him, but it's not the regular season. We're going to see a lot of exotic coverages and he's going to have a lot of opportunities.

"I've made that clear to him that he's going to have those opportunities, so it will just be what he makes of them.

"All you want as a receiver is one-on-one coverage. If you can get one-on-one coverage, it's huge. You've just got to use your creativity to break free from that and make a play within the scheme of the offense.

"We've seen guys are capable of doing that in practice, they just have to carry it over to the game."

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