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Stafford, Vanden Bosch willing to aid in the free agent hunt

Posted Jul 26, 2011

Neither were overly specific, but both Kyle Vanden Bosch and Matthew Stafford admitted they would help in the Lions' quest for free agents in the coming days if it was asked of them.

“I might make a call," said Vanden Bosch on Tuesday. "I don’t know who we have interest in. But I made a vow that I would do anything I could to help this team, so if I can make a phone call or meet somebody when they come in that might make a difference, that’s what I’m going to do.”

Vanden Bosch cited "a couple linebackers" he played with in Tennessee that he wouldn't mind seeing signed with the Lions.

Stafford said he "may have" already made some calls.

"I talked to some guys," said Stafford, smiling. "Maybe coaches have me make a couple of calls here and there. It depends on who they want and if I can help. Hopefully I can.”

Stafford says his pitch would be based on the player's position, but there is plenty positive in Detroit.

“If they’re a receiver, they have a bunch of great guys around them," he said. "If they’re on defense, you have a great d-line coming back and opportunity to play in other places.”

What about the benefit of playing with a quarterback the likes of Stafford?

“That’s part of it I guess," he said, laughing. "I mean, they get to play with a lot of great receivers and tight ends, too.”

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