Week in Review: QB Matthew Stafford dominates headlines with a three-year contract extension

Posted Jul 13, 2013

The 25-year-old quarterback solidifies himself as a Lion through 2017

The big news this week was the contract extension of QB Matthew Stafford.

The 25-year-old quarterback and the Lions agreed to a three-year extension on Wednesday.

"I'm just happy that I'm going to be here for another five (years) getting this team going in the right direction," said Stafford.

"I promise you nobody's going to work harder than me to get this team going in the right direction winning games and going to the playoffs multiple years in a row. That's the plan."

One story to come out of Stafford's extension was the fact that he was significantly involved in the contract negotiation process.

Team president Tom Lewand said Stafford's involvement was a clear indicator of his committment to the team.

"He worked hard on the contract front and for him, it really was more about the process, more about being here, more about solidifying himself as the leader of this team and of that locker room than it was about every last zero or every last dollar and cent on the contract," said Lewand.

"Without his active involvement and his leadership, I don't think we're standing here talking about it today."

Lions' headlines were dominated by Stafford for the remainder of the week: