WEEK IN REVIEW: Offense plays catch-up

Posted May 31, 2014

With the second week of OTAs in the books, the Lions offense knows they have some catching up to do.

The Lions finished up their second week of OTA practices and one thing is abundantly clear: The defense is ahead of the offense.

It's not an uncommon occurance this time of year, especially with both sides of the ball having to adapt to their respective new schemes.

“Today was a little sloppy,” Offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi said after practice Wednesday. “I’m not going to lie to you. I was getting a little angry today because I thought most of the drops and some of the alignments weren’t something you want.

“It was mostly a concentration issue more than anything. I’m pretty excited about the players we have and the way this thing is going to develop. I know that these plays work. I know that the offense we’re developing will work."

Part of adapting to a new offense is learning the language assocoaited with it. There's no Rosetta Stone for NFL playbooks.

Quarterback Matthew Stafford feels he has the terminology down and is ready to execute.

“Early on, it was maybe comparing a little bit of what it used to be and trying to give you ‘this used to be somewhat like this, or somewhat like that,’” Stafford said. “Now it’s to the point where everything is totally separate.

“What makes it difficult is not only learning something new, but having to forget something you did for five or six years.”

Having his favorite target healthy will surely help Stafford with the transition. Wide receiver Calvin Johnson is ready to roll in the new offense.

Even running back Joique Bell, who's being held out of practice while he recovers from a knee injury, is determined to keep up by taking mental reps every play.

Eventually the offense will catch up to the defense and that's when the real fun will begin.

Until then, keep up with the action through the exclusive photo galleries from days five and six of OTAs.