WEEK IN REVIEW: Lions news coming from NYC

Posted Feb 1, 2014

Lions' senior writer Tim Twentyman was in New York City this week as fans and media gear up for Super Bowl XLVIII

This Sunday millions of viewers will be tuning in to watch Super Bowl XLVIII as the Denver Broncos go up against the Seattle Seahawks in East Rutherford, New Jersey.

Matthew Stafford and Jeremy RossQB Matthew Stafford and WR Jeremy Ross (Photo: Gavin Smith)

Lions senior writer Tim Twentyman was in New York City this week to be a part of the media frenzy surrounding the big game.

There was plenty of Lions related news to report form the Big Apple, including the Broadway debut of Lions' running back Joique Bell in 'Rock of Ages' and unique perspectives from former quarterbacks Jim Kelly and Archie Manning on the play of Matthew Stafford.

"We know Matthew well," Manning said. "Nobody has a better arm than Matthew, and he’s got experience, but the whole team has to come together.

"He’s really a good player and is going to be around a long time. He’s seen it all now. He’s going through a change. Sometimes change is good. I think everyone knows he’s going to be a great player in this league."

Pro Bowl quarterback Drew Brees also weight in on what Stafford can expect from offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi, who was Brees' coach for the past four years.

"A guy that's going to coach him," Brees said. "A guy that's going to be very willing to include him with a lot of input.

"I think the mark of a good coordinator and play caller offensively is taking your personnel, taking what they do best, and putting them in the best positions to succeed according to their strengths.

"I know when I came in with Sean Payton, the first thing he did was say, ‘What do you like? What are you good at? Because whatever that is, if it's not in the offense now, we're going to put it in this offense.'"

Twentyman and columnist Mike O'Hara also posed the question of what will it take for the Lions to make it to the Super Bowl?