WEEK IN REVIEW: Lions know they have little room for error

Posted Dec 15, 2013

With a slight edge in the NFC North, the Detroit Lions can clinch the division by winning their final three games

Nate Burleson and Brandon PettigrewPhoto: G. Smith/Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions have had plenty of peaks and valleys over the course of the season. What makes this week different, however, is the margin for error.

With only three weeks remaining, the Lions have to win out in order to control their own fate and ensure an NFC North title. Other combinations of wins and losses could result in the Lions taking the division, but that would mean relying on Chicago and Green Bay.

"Obviously we are in a race for the division title," head coach Jim Schwartz said Monday.

"We have three games to play. You say it all the time that you can't really worry about what's happened in the past. You have to keep your eyes focused on the future. It starts Monday night with the Ravens. That's about all you can really say about that."

The recurring theme during this tough stretch of games for the Lions (they have lost three of their last four) is getting out of their own way.

"The only team that can stop us from doing what we want to do is the Detroit Lions," wide receiver Nate Burleson said Wednesday in a lengthy interview in front of his locker.

"The only team," Burleson repeated for emphasis. "And I'm very confident of that. There's no team that pumps fear in me. There's no team on the schedule I'm like 'Oh, boy.' We are that talented, but we just have too many mistakes right now."