Trent Williams Visits Detroit

Posted Apr 6, 2010

Oklahoma offensive tackle Trent Williams visited the Detroit Lions facility today, surprised by the warm weather that greeted him when he arrived.

“I thought I was going to come and see two feet of snow and miserable cold and this and that,” he said. “It wasn’t that – it was a beautiful day.”

Williams enters the draft as one of the top offensive tackles with an attribute all teams are looking for: versatility.

He started at right tackle his first three seasons at Oklahoma before making the switch to left tackle when teammate Phil Loadholt departed for the NFL. Williams says the transition wasn’t tough for him considering he had played both positions despite starting on the right side.

“I played left every day at practice,” he said. “So it really wasn’t hard at all.”

Teams are talking to Williams about playing both positions and Williams himself is open to whatever the team that drafts him needs.

It is likely his top challenge won’t be which position he plays; it will instead be the caliber of raw talent and technique he is lining up against.

“Coming from Oklahoma, there’s a lot of people in the league,” he said. “They come back and prep us for what we’re going to go through. I’ve got a pretty good idea, but you never know until you go through it.”

Former Sooners who have spoken to Williams and his teammates talk about a higher level of competition and the speed of the game.

“Your body is your business and you’ve got to take everything a lot more seriously than you do in college,” said Williams.

Detroit was Williams’ second stop on his tour of NFL teams and he has plenty of others lined up for the next couple weeks.

And as are many of his fellow draft prospects, Williams is anxious to find out which team he will end up with.

“I’m looking forward to getting it over with,” he said with a laugh. “Cutting all the nerves and seeing who I’m going to play for; who is going to pick me.”