Travis Lewis embracing a newfound love of Red Wings hockey

Posted May 14, 2013

A Texas native and Oklahoma Sooner, second-year linebacker Travis Lewis says Detroit fans have shown him the NHL is worth following

Travis LewisLB Travis Lewis with a Red Wings fan he met while at his first game.

Second-year linebacker Travis Lewis says he was at a Detroit Tigers game when he first decided he had to attend his first-ever NHL game.

"Everybody was talking about, 'if you really want to go to a game, you need to go to a Red Wings game'," said Lewis, "and not just a Red Wings game, a playoff game.

"I went to the game and I was sold ever since. Fell in love with it and now it’s my new passion."

Lewis was at Joe Louis Arena for the Red Wings' second overtime victory of the Anaheim series. The game ended on a Damien Brunner goal giving Detroit a 2-1 advantage in the series.

But despite the nail-biter of a game, Lewis says it was the Detroit hockey fans that really sold the sport for him.

"The whole atmosphere, it's crazy," he said. "You would never think that 20,000 people could be that loud until you go and sit in there."

A Texas native and Oklahoma Sooner, Lewis is clearly embracing the sports culture around him as he digs deeper into Detroit's love of professional hockey.

He doesn't have a favorite player yet (he's still learning names and the rules of the game), but enjoys the "football-on-ice" aspect.

"Most of my followers on Twitter are Detroit Lions fans," he said. "Detroit Lions fans and Red Wings fans go hand-in-hand. Everyone’s been supporting my newfound love with hockey."

While at Joe Louis Arena, Lewis had a great time mixing it up with the fans around him, including a woman he says may have been the loudest fan there.

"It was a great time," he said.

Now that the Wings have advanced, Lewis is planning to attend another game when Detroit is home against the Blackhawks.

If you happen to be there, be on the lookout for a guy wearing an Oklahoma Sooners hat ... that Red Wings fan may just be one of your Lions linebackers.