Team Burleson takes home the trophy at charity softball game

Posted Jun 11, 2012

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The Lions players proved that football isn’t the only sport they’re good at this past Saturday at Nate Burleson and Stephen Tulloch’s celebrity softball game.

Team Burleson took home the winning trophy after they defeated Team Tulloch 30-20.

“I tried to tell Tully that recruiting goes into putting these games together,” said Burleson.

“I think Nate did a great job recruiting today. Obviously he paid some guys some money that I couldn’t afford. I’m going to take out a loan next year,” joked Tulloch.

Burleson’s team consisted of many receivers including Calvin Johnson who contributed two homeruns to the game. Nate Hughes, Stefan Logan, Jahvid Best, and former Lions' players Derrick Williams and Drew Stanton were also part of the winning squad.

Tulloch’s team was made up of a lot of the defensive lineman including Cliff Avril, Nick Fairley, Sammie Hill, Corey Williams and Willie Young; defensive backs Chris Houston, John Wendling, Louis Delmas and Aaron Berry, and wide receiver Titus Young.

Williams, who played wide receiver for Detroit from 2009-10, started the event back in 2010. Burleson and Tulloch decided to take over and carry out the tradition for their former teammate and friend who came out to support the guys and participate on Team Tulloch.

All proceeds from the event went to the Nate Burleson and Stephen Tulloch foundations.