TE Brandon Pettigrew came two pins shy of a perfect 300 game

Posted May 27, 2012

The NFL isn’t the only league tight end Brandon Pettigrew takes part in.

Known for his size and athleticism on the field, Pettigrew currently holds the highest number of franchise records for a tight end.

He leads the Lions in all-time receptions for a tight end and comes in second behind Hall of Famer Charlie Sanders as the fastest Lions tight end to 1,000 yards (26 games).

What many people don’t know about Pettigrew, however, is that he is not only a standout NFL player, but is also a talented bowler.

“I've always bowled with my older brother, even when I was younger,” said Pettigrew. “I didn't actually get good at it until high school when I figured it out a little bit.”

Pettigrew definitely figured it out.

“My average is about a 190,” he said.

While in Michigan, Pettigrew bowls in Canton where he has participated in weekly bowling leagues.

Though his team has never finished well, he did come oh-so-close to a perfect 300 game, finishing with a 298.

“I choked on the last ball,” he said.

Anyone familiar with bowling knows that a 300 game is much like a no-hitter in baseball; people will gather around the person throwing all strikes, but may not speak to that person due to superstition.

“It kind of got quiet after eight or nine frames,” said Pettigrew. “I tried to focus in a little bit not to get too serious, but on the last ball I was flustered a little bit.”

Pettigrew says he didn’t get nervous, but took a deep breath before the last ball. Ultimately, his ball hit the opposite pocket and he finished with eight pins for a 298.

“Everyone had come around saying, ‘He’s going to bowl a 300,’” he said.

Though Pettigrew has enjoyed participating in bowling leagues for a number of years, it has been more difficult for him to do so as of late.

Not only does his job as a starting NFL tight end get in the way, he is a new father.

“I’ve got a baby girl,” he said. “She consumes a lot of my free time – she’s 18 months now. I have actually taken her bowling with me but she’s getting pretty active – she’s a little rowdy.”