Stafford Placed on Injured-Reserve

Posted Dec 24, 2010

The Lions have placed quarterback Matthew Stafford on Injured/Reserve.
“We were hopeful that he’d be able to come back,” said Head Coach Jim Schwartz. “His rehab has been going good, but when he threw a couple weeks ago, he wasn’t at the point to keep on throwing.”
Schwartz said that once it was clear Stafford wasn’t going to play at Miami, the staff realized his chances to play in the season finale against Minnesota were also very slim.
They made the decision to place him on Injured/Reserve to gain a roster spot, allowing Randy Phillips to be elevated to the active roster.
“It turns out we need the roster spot also with (the) Louis Delmas (injury),” said Schwartz. “I don’t know what we’ll list him as (but) he’s missed a lot of time bouncing back from a concussion.”
This roster move officially ends a disappointing season for Stafford, who was only able to play in one full game.
“I'm not disappointed in the fact I didn't get to go out there and throw a bunch of touchdowns and no picks or anything like that,” he said. “I was just disappointed that I didn't get to be out there on Sundays with the guys.
“That's the best part of playing this profession (and) being in this profession is you work during the week and you practice and all that, but getting to go out and play in front of the fans and play with your teammates, that's the thing I miss the most.”
Stafford says he was able learn a lot regardless of his injuries keeping him off the field.
“It's different than the way I wanted to learn it,” he said. “But I was still mentally in every meeting, I've been at every practice and at every game, trying to learn as much as I can.
“I took a lot away from this year, obviously not on the field but off field, and what it takes to win."
When Stafford was in the game he made a clear impact. Detroit won the only game he played from start to finish and was leading in the two games he had to leave.
Probably the most disappointing moment was when he had to leave the game against the New York Jets when the Lions were driving to expire the clock and improve to a 3-5 record.
“I fully expect to be (ready by mid-March),” said Stafford, whose injury doesn’t require surgery.
“It's just one of those things that takes a little bit of time to heal. It’s unfortunate that it happened so early in the season to me and then again pretty soon thereafter."
Since struggling with injuries for the second-consecutive year, Stafford’s durability has been questioned.
But the situations in which he has gotten hurt have each been unique and the fact that he has suffered so many can almost be chalked up as bad luck.
“There are really skinny guys that take hits and nothing happens to them; there are really bulky guys that take hits and they get (hurt),” said Stafford of what he can do to help his shoulder.
“You try to strengthen the muscle areas around it. As a quarterback it’s different, you have to be able to still throw and you can’t be too muscle bound.”
Stafford says he is going to do everything he can to heal and prevent injury so he can play a full season next year.
As far as what he expects from his offense next season, Stafford says, “we have to draft, we have free agency, we have guys moving and shaking. That’s the way the NFL is.
“You’re going to have turnover every year, but I’m excited to watch us play these last two games. That’s what we’re still focused on, trying to get two wins and get to six. After that, we’ll take that as it comes, and hopefully be that much better.”