Schwartz won't ask Suh to tone it down

Posted Aug 14, 2011

Ndamukong Suh may not appear in the final statistics from Friday's preseason game against the Bengals, but he certainly left a lasting impression.

In the first quarter, he was a catalyst in cornerback Chris Houston's interception, getting right in the face of rookie quarterback Andy Dalton.

The following series, Suh one-upped that play when he reached Dalton and drug him to the ground. Dalton's helmet flew and Suh was charged with a personal foul.

"That play is going to get called, that's the NFL," said Head Coach Jim Schwartz. "It's on the defensive player to know when the ball's gone."

For Schwartz, it's a fine line to walk when it comes to penalties like this.

On one hand, he doesn't want penalties to threaten Detroit's chances at a win throughout the regular season. On the other hand, he certainly doesn't want to tell his top defensive tackle to reel it in.

"I've seen two different times in my career where a defensive lineman let a quarterback go and he still had the ball," said Schwartz. "The quarterback pumped and sort of brought it back and that guy turned and let him go."

Suh's aggressiveness is one of his top attributes as a defensive tackle and Schwartz is about to ask him to tone it down.

At the same time, he needs all of his players to be smart on the field.

“You need to be aware and we need to do a better job with that," he said. "The penalties, I think we only had one that was before the snap, but we had a couple that were after the whistle and those led to points.

"Our defense was playing well; we don’t need to have teams get in field goal position or scoring position just because of penalties.”