Schwartz says Stafford 'day-to-day' with an ankle injury

Posted Oct 24, 2011

The status of quarterback Matthew Stafford was uncertain last night as the Lions left the field after a 23-16 loss to Atlanta.

"He had to buy time on that play; it was a 4th-and-10 play, he has to keep it alive to be able to try and make a play and he ended up taking a hit," said Head Coach Jim Schwartz.

Schwartz followed up on Stafford during his Monday press conference, telling media that he is "day-to-day."

"He went home in a boot for his ankle," said Schwartz. "He is no more than day-to-day. We'll see where he is on Wednesday and hopefully we can get him back on the practice field."

Though Schwartz would not comment on specific MRI or x-ray results ("I'd never want to discuss those kinds of things"), he did say that if something did show up on the tests, "he would be more than day-to-day."

"If he had a broken bone, he would be more than day-to-day," said Schwartz. "It was a tough, physical game.

"It's a fourth-down play and he is trying to keep himself alive to make a play, trying to buy time for the receiver to get open and that is where we have had those issues."