Schwartz lets the first question go unasked in honor of Tom Kowalski

Posted Aug 29, 2011

Head Coach Jim Schwartz was informed of Tom Kowalski's passing following Monday's practice, saying a few words to the local media.

"I got the word on the practice field awhile ago about Tom's news," he said. "We just brought the team up and had a moment of silence and prayer.

"Obviously, our condolences go out to his friends and his family, of which we consider ourselves both here."

As the most tenured Detroit Lions beat writer, Kowalski would ask the first question in both postgame and post-practice press conferences.

To honor Kowalski on Monday, Schwartz allowed that first question to go unasked.

"When we're ready, we'll go to the second question," he said. The group then took a moment of silence in honor of Kowalski.

"I'll just say this about Tom," said Schwartz. "The one thing he always tried to do was get it right. He knew football and he always wanted to get it right and we had a lot of respect for that."