Schwartz confirms players ruled out for Friday's game at Cleveland

Posted Aug 18, 2011

Head Coach Jim Schwartz isn't going to force anything when it comes to running backs Mike Bell and Jerome Harrison considering their whirlwind signing and integration into the Lions' offense.

"I think we've been very clear that it was a difficult situation to be put in last week and we're not going to rush to judgment on anything that happened last week," he said.

Both Bell and Harrison have worked overtime to get into physical shape while working to learn the system.

Of Harrison, Schwartz said that it's clear on film he has good run instincts.

"He has good quickness, he runs with good pad level and you really can't help it because he's short," he said. "He's starting to get in a little better football shape and you're starting to see a little bit more of that quickness; you see the run instincts haven't changed.

"He is up on the passing game a little bit more, too."

Ruled out for tomorrow's game: Jeff Backus, Jason Fox, Nick Fairley, and Tony Scheffler, who suffered a hand injury during Wednesday's practice.

"He had stitches in his hand and the last thing we need is him catching the ball and busting those open or something like that," said Schwartz. "We get (Brandon) Pettigrew back this week so I think with Scheffler that we won’t let him play."

Game-time decisions for tomorrow night include: cornerbacks Eric Wright and Chris Houston, who are working through groin injuries, and defensive back John Wendling, who has a knee injury.

"We’re not going to declare them out yet," said Schwartz. "Some of those guys, we’ll see how they warm up, but they’ll be in the mix at least. They haven’t been ruled out."