Schwartz Gives Fans Credit for Knowing Talent When They See It

Posted Jan 20, 2011

The Detroit Lions certainly ended the season on a high note, but Head Coach Jim Schwartz gives fans more credit than to get excited over a four-game win streak.

“My experience with fans is that this excitement wasn’t developed the last four weeks of the season,” said Schwartz.

“We had really excited fans in training camp this year and I think one of the frustrations with the way that we started was that they recognized how close we were and how good we could be.”

The Lions were competitive in every single game last season, with nine of their 10 losses coming down to the fourth quarter.

That, says Schwartz, made the season’s start even more difficult for fans to deal with.

“That hurt a little bit more than when you’re just getting blown out and you have no chance,” he said. “It’s easy to disassociate yourself with losing by considerable margins.”

Schwartz sees the fans’ ability to see beyond record to the Lions’ growing talent level.

That, he says, is what they’re truly excited about.

“They’re excited because they see the same things that we see,” said Schwartz. “They see Ndamukong Suh, Calvin Johnson, Matt Stafford, Brandon Pettigrew, Louis Delmas, Nate Burleson, Kyle Vanden Bosch, Tony Scheffler, Jahvid Best – all those other guys.

“It’s easy to be optimistic and excited when you have that type of player in the mix.”