Ryan Broyles is "mentally 100-percent" and can't wait for his body to catch up

Posted Aug 18, 2013

Broyles played in his first live game last Thursday at Cleveland, but did not record a catch

Ryan Broyles certainly hasn't been hesitant to get back on the field following an ACL injury suffered last December.

In fact, it's easy to forget he suffered that injury at all. His practice time has far exceeded his rest time throughout training camp and he played in his first live game this past week at Cleveland.

"Mentally, I'm 100-percent," he said following Sunday's practice, "so I want to go out there and make plays when I can."

The problem is that his body doesn't always cooperate.

The way he put it: "Your body shows up some days and some days it doesn't. This has been one of the most challenging things of my life, coming off two ACLs. I'm out here trying to compete at a high level.

"Mentally, like I said, I'm 100-percent. My body thinks differently from day-to-day."

Broyles didn't catch a pass Thursday in a Lions' offensive performance that left much to be desired, but was on the field for a significant number of plays.

"It's a big step getting back out there on that field - I'm going full go," he said.

The competitor in him wasn't satisfied with merely getting in and out of his breaks in a live game, though.

"Everyone wants to go out there and catch balls, no matter what position you are," said Broyles.

He's hoping that comes in this next game against the Patriots.

He's also hoping that comes for the other starting receivers and the offense as a whole.

"I feel like the last two games we haven't made it to the red zone and haven't produced and that was a struggle for us last year," said Broyles.

"I think that's one thing that we have to do for this game is show up and move the ball down the field."

There certainly has been a lack of personnel consistency for the Lions and Broyles isn't the only receiver coming off a major injury.

Nate Burleson is coming off a broken leg and has yet to catch a pass this preseason. Calvin Johnson isn't coming off a major injury, but didn't play last week due to a knee bruise.

According the Broyles, though, that should impact the offense's effectiveness.

"You're always trying to iron things out before the regular season comes," he said. "We definitely know we have to improve from last year and it's about putting the pieces together and putting the guys out there on the field to help you succeed.

"It's a total collective thing: offense, defense special teams."