Ryan Broyles determined to be back Week 1 of 2013

Posted Dec 31, 2012

Following an ACL injury December 2, rookie wide receiver Ryan Broyles is focused on getting back on the playing field in time for the 2013 regular season opener.

It was such an innocent-looking play.

A quick pass from quarterback Matthew Stafford to the left sideline to receiver Ryan Broyles for a 3-yard gain in the first quarter of an eventual 35-33 loss to the Colts in early December.

Broyles secured the ball and made a move to his left, hit on his right knee by Colts cornerback Vontae Davis, who was making the tackle.

The play turned out to be anything but innocent for Broyles, though, who suffered an ACL tear in his right knee on the play.

He said Monday following the final team meeting of the 2012 season that he knew something was wrong after the tackle but didn't realize it was as bad as it was.

“It wasn’t as bad as last year, so I really wasn’t to sure (how serious it was),” he said. “I just knew I wasn’t stable so I got off to the sideline and they checked me out and told me what it was.”

It was a gut-wrenching moment for the Detroit Lions’ second-round draft pick, who was just getting back to 100 percent from a torn ACL in his left knee suffered during his senior year at Oklahoma almost a year prior.

“Very (disappointing),” he said. “Working my way back just to play football. I just want to be out there as much as possible. That being taken away from me was a tough situation for all the time I put into it. I’m just looking to get back out there.”

Broyles is hopeful that will be Week 1 of the regular season in 2013, just like it was last year after going through the same type of recovery.

“I had surgery two weeks later this year than I did last year and going through the process last time with the injury that I had I understand what I have to do this time to come back,” he said.

“I looking forward to the challenge. I’m always up for it. Definitely shooting for Week 1.”

Broyles said he’ll work his way in at camp, just like he did this year, and steadily progress from there.

The good news - if there's such a thing after this type of injury - is that he's been through the process before and knows the benchmarks and routine.

He was just emerging as a potent weapon in the slot for the Lions when the injury occurred.

The previous week's game against Houston had marked his first 100-yard game (six catches for 126 yards) and he had worked his way up to being the team’s No. 2 option in the passing game opposite Calvin Johnson.

Broyles finished the year with 22 catches for 310 yards (14.1 average) and two touchdowns.

He was asked Monday if he's hoping to be the next Adrian Peterson, who came off a late-season ACL injury in 2011 to be a leading candidate for the MVP award this season.

“I just want to be the next 'me' and get on the field,” he said with a smile. “I want to play a whole season.”