Purchase Stafford's 'new shirt' for charity!

Posted Oct 4, 2012

One-of-a-kind airbrushed t-shirts from Stafford's ESPN commercial now available to benefit HAVEN

Quarterback Matthew Stafford showed a little humor during his ESPN Monday Night Football commercial, which aired at the end of August.

In the commercial, Stafford is expecting a Player of the Week award after a strong Sunday performance. He purchases an airbrushed shirt with his face on it and treats himself to a lobster dinner.

While at the table, he asks the waiter for a lobster bib saying, "it's my new shirt".

That tag line and the shirt itself stuck with fans.

In fact, fans had shirts made and sported them at the Lions' regular season opener at Ford Field.

Now, the Lions want to be the ones to provide those shirts to fans and benefit the charity of Matthew Stafford's choice - HAVEN - in the process.

Stafford not only selected this charity to receive all proceeds, but he is going to match the amount when all is said and done.

Each shirt is one of a kind, created by artist Vince Osborne. He creates each one individually, which not only adds authenticity, but means every single shirt is different.

That means, not only do we want you to purchase a new shirt, we want to see it! When you've bought your shirt, take a photo of yourself and tweet it to @DetroitlionsNFL and #mynewshirt. We'll create a gallery for!

Starting the gallery are the Detroit Lions themselves. The quarterbacks and offensive line sported shirts this week!

Get yourself a "new shirt" ... it's for a good cause!