Postgame Quotes: Detroit Lions

Posted Nov 26, 2009


Opening Statement
“Disappointing loss. We lost a lot of individual matchups in this game. Defensively we weren’t able to four-man pass rush and they made us pay versus the blitz. Offensively we weren’t able to run the ball against cover-two and that’s been a problem for us. We had a hard time getting open and anytime you’re in that situation when they’re playing for the pass and we’re not able to consistently run the ball you’re setting yourself up for plays that we had turnovers on. Most of the scoring early on was due to either big plays or turnovers. They turned the ball over on the (opening) kickoff and we were able to capitalize on it and get some momentum but then we give up a huge play in a two-deep coverage. It wasn’t a missed assignment; it was just a physical error. We battled here and there holding them to field goals but we just weren’t able to score enough. We were able to keep it close but weren’t able to score enough to win the game.”
On when he knew that Stafford would play
“Yesterday afternoon he started feeling a little bit better and then last night he felt a little bit better but we didn’t make any decision until this morning. We kept that open the whole week. We knew it was doubtful that he was going to play but we kept it open the whole week just in case he woke up feeling better. He got here early this morning and was able to throw the ball. The shoulder, like we said before, it’s not an issue of hurting it worse – it’s just a pain management issue. This morning, he was able to go. He’s our starting quarterback and if he’s healthy and ready to go, he’s going to be out there.”
On whether he thought a lack of practice contributed to Stafford’s performance
“I mean, we practiced half of one day. It’s late in the season, there are a lot of quarterbacks that don’t take a lot of practice reps during the week and are able to go out there. (His lack of practice) had nothing to do with us not being able to run the football, not being able to rush the passer and those kinds of things. It was going to hurt, he got his mobility back. Doctors and trainers thought it was as situation where he couldn’t make it any worse so we made that decision (to let him play).”
On Pettigrew’s injury
“We’ll probably know more tomorrow. He wasn’t able to finish the game and that’s something that will need some serious looking at."


On when he knew he was going to play and how he felt before the game
“I knew this morning when I kind of did a little test to see how it was going to feel because I’d been feeling better throughout the week. I finally got the go this morning.”
On how much his shoulder was a factor in the game
“I don’t think it was a factor at all.”
On if he could feel it or if he was worried about getting hit on it
“No. I really … the offensive line played pretty darn good today. I didn’t get hit too many times at all. I wasn’t worried about it.”
On the interceptions and what went wrong
“The first two were tough. Third downs. The first one was really trying to throw the ball away, kind of falling away and threw it where our guy catches it or nobody does. That guy made a great pick and kept his toes in bounds. The second one, we’re getting in 3rd-and-long and I’m trying to hold the ball and I thought Dennis was going to come out and he hooked it up. I threw it to where I thought he was going. It’s just one of those things.

“The last two – they got a lead and those corners … what’s a ball over their head to them? They got help. They know they’ve got help over the top and (Charles) Woodson’s about as good as they come at actually catching the ball. They were squatting on it. That’s what they’re taught to do. When you’ve got to throw the ball every down to try to get back into it when you’re behind, guys are going to be all over it.”


On the team’s performance today
“The biggest thing of it is: last week we did a good job of having all three phases of the game come together. When the offense was down, the defense stepped up. When our offense and defense was down, special teams stepped up. We just didn’t get on the same page today.”
On if the Packers did what they expected
“Pretty much what we expected. We had our opportunities, we just didn’t take advantage of them when we had the opportunity and they did. We didn’t make our plays. As a defense, we did a good job on first and second but we let them keep on getting the third downs. We’re normally a pretty good third down team but they did a pretty good job against our numbers and getting third downs.”
On if the mistakes that led to those third down conversions are correctable
“We’ve just got to do a little better job of paying attention to detail. Sometimes when the play is breaking down we’ve got to learn how to plaster it and stay up instead of being a spectator. Sometimes you get caught up in ‘oh, oh it’s taking a long time,’ and we lose that guy and that’s when Aaron Rodgers made a couple big plays on us.”


On not taking advantage of redzone opportunities late in the game
“We’ve got to put the ball in the end zone. Even when Coach Schwartz went for a field goal we had to score two more times anyway. A field goal and two scores and two-point conversion, that was a lot but we knew where we were at and we didn’t get it done.”
On Stafford and Johnson playing hurt
“They’re tough kids. They really want to be out here, and it’s the other guys on the field’s job to step up around them and show them some more support.”
On if this feels different from Sunday
“It’s a different feeling in this locker room, especially with a nationally televised game to come out like that. We came out strong, we just never took advantage of anything and they did. We come out, back-to-back three-and-outs and a turnover in the half and it’s 13-7, the field position’s not bad. We should take advantage of our opportunities and against a good team like that, they catch up with you, and before you know it you’re in a deep whole.”
On their play early in the game
“It was good. We sprinkled some no-huddle in there and stayed on the field and converted some first downs, but like I said, if you don’t take advantage of every opportunity against a good team like that it’s not going to turn out good.”
On having some time off before their next game
“I think the loss still hurts. I can’t really think about days off. We just lost a game, so I think we’re going to come in tomorrow and watch the film then take the weekend off and move on.”