Post-Practice Quote Sheet: WR Calvin Johnson, 08-02-10

Posted Aug 2, 2010


On the team this year at training camp compared to last year
“It was different; ton of speed, size – you know our defensive line, we got some good stuff there. I like what we got going on offense; we got a lot of weapons.”
On there more options at wide receiver
“Definitely, you know even out here in practice there was a lot more one-on-one. I mean it is practice here; defense is going to play what they got to play to get ready for the season, but at the same time during the season there is definitely going to be a lot more chances.”
On the offense being more prepared from offseason workouts
“No question. We synched up a lot; a lot of chemistry, not just between myself and Matt (Stafford), but between the whole receiving corps and tight ends. Matt is real accurate right now; he is putting the ball where he needs to put it – we’re doing good out there.”
On whether there is room for improvement
“There is definitely still room for improvement, especially on my side – there is always room for that. Definitely I look to improve on things I have done in past years this year. I can’t really go into every single thing; you know, just catching the ball, running routes you know and stuff like that.”
On having the same coordinator back this year
“It’s good having the same guys here instead of having another change. I’ve had three coordinators since I’ve been here and this is my fourth year.”
On if he thinks the presence of RB Jahvid Best will help the receivers
“Definitely so. A lot of times they are going to have to bring eight in the box and leave someone one-on-one in the secondary. It’s going to be big; (Jahvid) Best is real fast.”
On the Lions’ defensive backs
“The thing is we’re getting better; we’re learning from each other. I’ve been going against Chris (Houston) a lot and he’s definitely seen a big improvement. I’ve improved against him and he has improved against me. We’re just getting better and better. You’ve seen new things that something that he might mess up on yesterday, he does it right today and vice versa so we are definitely learning from each other.”
On what WR Nate Burleson brings to the team
“He brings a lot of excitement. He definitely gets us going out there and that is really good for the group.”
On the continuity of the quarterbacks
“No question – I mean definitely having a quarterback there. I remember my second year I had probably about five different quarterbacks throw to me. Having one guy there and being able to look into him and him give you a different route on certain things – him just being there to check the plays, you know that’s real big. His chemistry with the line is growing and that’s tremendous for us when the season comes around.”
On having the same quarterback from last season
“Definitely it helped out a lot. One, because you know he is going to be the quarterback and then he puts a lot of time in the offseason to learn our entire offense so he really has the whole offense down. Passing, he can do whatever; he can change plays and stuff like that. He’s got a heck of a job to do.”