Post-Practice Quote Sheet: Jim Schwartz, 08-06-10

Posted Aug 6, 2010


On S Randy Phillips taking reps with what appeared to be the ‘first-team’
“We rotate groups around. (Louis) Delmas isn’t out there working. We’ve been putting guys in different situations – we’ve rotated around our nickel and a bunch of different things. Some of it is merit based. Some of it is not so much injury situations as it is just trying to manage where guys are physically.”
On S Randy Phillips performance a sign that he’s caught up
“He was never really behind. He’s really smart. He has experience playing a lot of the schemes that we play. He picks things up very quickly. He’s a bright guy. That’s a tribute to him. He came in at minicamp and got up to speed there and kept his mind in it. When he got the opportunity he was able to come in show himself right away. That’s rare that guys can do that. He’s showing well the first couple days, but again, we’re talking about a couple of days. Let’s just let it be and continue over for a period of time.”
On how S Randy Phillips’ history with secondary coach Tim Walton is helping him
“I think in knowing the schemes and understanding what’s being asked of him, sure. Does it help him as far as the competition and where he is on the depth chart? Absolutely not. That’s all based on him and what he does. There’s always going to be a familiarity when you have experience with a coach. You’re going to speak the same language and you’re going to understand what that person wants. That’s not going to be his evaluation that helps him be what he is right now.”
On being thin at cornerback due to injury
“We did today. We downed tempo a period which we had planned to. I didn’t really plan to go no helmet, but we had planned to down tempo it. We were going to have a seven-on-seven, two- minute drill; I cut that to one group and just did assignment review.

“It’s NFL training camp; guys are starting to feel their groin, hamstrings, quads, calves, all of those type of soft muscle tissue stuff. They practice hard. They’ve been out here quite a bit. Part of being a professional and part of this business is the ability to be available and stay healthy. We’re going to take care of them with down tempoing some and cutting some reps. They also have to take care their bodies; they need to stretch and rest, they need to do all of those things. Some injuries are unavoidable. Others you have to try and manage and nip it in the bud. We tried to do that a little bit today and try to get someone past the point. I think (Aaron) Berry went in, I don’t know where he is, but he grabbed his hamstring. The other guys were tight here and there. We just sort of shut those guys down.”

On DE Kyle Vanden Bosch sitting practice out
: “He’s got a little bit of muscle tightness. He was already scheduled to be given a rest. Generally what he does when he rests is he goes through individual – he still likes to go out and do that and lead his group. But today we said, ‘Hey, let’s nix that and see where we he is this afternoon.”
On tomorrow’s practice at Ford Field
“I think it’s important to be in the stadium. Typically, some of these younger players, their first preseason game is the first time they’re at Ford Field, so I think that’s important. It gives the fans a chance – (fans that) can’t make it out here (Allen Park). It gives them the chance to come out and check out the team and check out practice. It will amp up the intensity a little bit, just changing that dynamic and changing scenery. That will be fun for the players. Our practice is exactly the same as if we would have practice out here. We probably wouldn’t do anything different down there. Our returners need to catch balls and it’s just a little different change and hopefully it will pick us up and a lot of fans will get to see us tomorrow. We’re scheduled for pads. Maybe, maybe not depending on where we are, but I would think.”
On T Jason Fox
“We had really high grades on him. We really liked him. He was set back last year with an injury, that’s behind him. We have high expectations for all of our players, so it’s really not a surprise. He’s big, smart, tough and experienced. I think he started from the time he walked on campus at the University of Miami. He’s got some technique stuff, just like all rookies, but he’s doing a great job.”