Post-Practice Quote Sheet: Jim Schwartz, 07-31-10

Posted Jul 31, 2010


On S Louis Delmas missing practice
“Louis Delmas had a personal thing today and was excused. But he also started on PUP, so he wouldn’t have practiced today if he had been here. He’s still recovering from the groin injury he suffered at minicamp. He’s healed, but he’s been behind in conditioning because he didn’t get a chance to condition the way that he should of before camp because he was letting his groin heal. What we’ll do with him is keep him on the side and work him into shape. The last thing we want to do is take a guy that’s healing and looking good and all of a sudden put him out too quick. I don’t want to put any kind of time table on it but he’ll be back pretty soon.”
On the players placed on PUP
“They’re all in a little different place. I don’t think any of them are going to be long term guys. Some of them might be back tomorrow; some might be back early in the week. They’re all there basically to rehab an injury somewhere and we just want to see where they go. They can work with trainers and they can run and do those kinds of things. I really want to see how they respond in the next day. Today, those guys ran indoors while everyone else was starting. It will just be a constant evaluation. The last thing we want to do is put a guy out there that we’re counterproductive on putting him out.

Kevin Smith was considered to go on the PUP, but he’s been here an awful lot and he’s done an awful lot and he’s recovered well. He was able to go in and go pretty much without any limitations. All of our ACL guys will just be one-a-day when they do get back in full. All those guys, we’re just being cautious with. I don’t know of anything that is going to be super long term.”

On the first practice
“First practice, we didn’t have any balls on the ground as far as (QB-center) exchange, that’s always good. I think we had one play we had to do over with a false start, so I though the concentration was good. It was a great day to practice. We were blessed with a 75 degree day with overcast. When you’re starting off, that’s good. It’s the first day of practice.”
On CB Chris Houston’s speed
“He’s super fast. He was that way at the University of Arkansas and he still has that. That’s one of the things that he brings to the table. When you play corner, you have to play with the skill-set that you’re given and when you have make-up speed, you can sometimes take some gambles up front. He has that kind of speed and he’s also really strong. Chris has been a 400 pound bencher and is passing weights as 175 pounds. He’s got strength and he’s got speed.”
On DT Ndamkong Suh missing practice
“That’s the business end of things. It’s very cliché. You worry about who is here and you coach who is here. We trust that the business end will get taken care of. Like I said before, I think a long-term, extended holdout would definitely set him back. But I know he comes in great shape and he’s chomping at the bit to be here. As soon as they get on the same page and they get a contract agreed to, he’ll be here and he’ll practice and probably won’t even look like he missed anything. I just hope that it’s not a long-term thing and it’s a short-term thing and he gets here as fast as he’d like to be here.”
On QB Matthew Stafford
“He’s obviously our starting quarterback. He’s had that position for almost a full calendar year. There’s something that comes with that. He’s out there to improve every day; he’s out there to run the offense; he can work on little things rather than sort of looking over his shoulder. I think you saw today that it was evident that he put in practice the other weapons that he has around him. He was able to have a couple short passes today that turned into long gainers because some of the running after the catch skills that some of our guys have. Honestly, we held him back a little bit last year because we didn’t have the pieces. He was ready to take on a lot more than he did last year. You see some of the periods we ran when we were on the line and he was calling plays, he was changing a lot of plays. That’s important to be a quarterback in the National Football League. Scott is not going to call the right play every single time. Sometimes the defense is going to have a good defense for what he called and he has to have the ability to get out of it and put us in a better play. That’s been a big part in what we did this offseason. It was last year, but it will be a bigger part this year.”