POSTGAME CHAT: What the Detroit Lions had to say following the Lions' 31-17 win

Posted Oct 13, 2013

From Twitter to the locker room, see what head coach Jim Schwartz and Lions players had to say following a 31-17 road win at Cleveland

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"Well first of all he is tall as hell but there are a lot of tall guys that aren’t good football players. I think the thing that separates Joe and allows him to make those plays is that he is really strong. He has really strong hands. We saw that early on in training camp, he made some plays where there were collisions or (he) had to leave his feet to make catches and he held it and he landed on the ground or when he took a hit." -- Head coach Jim Schwartz on what makes TE Joseph Fauria so effective.

"It is great to be at home. We have two in a row at home and we are going to have to play our best to come out with two wins. We have two good football teams coming in starting with the Bengals next week." -- Schwartz on having two home games after playing four of six on the road.

"It was just how he felt. We knew that if he was going to have a certain number of snaps, we would rather have them in the second half so we limited his snaps a little bit in the first half." -- Schwartz on WR Calvin Johnson getting more playing time in the second half.

"I was trying to get everybody going. I knew it was going to take something to spark people and that wasn’t false. I was happy, No. 1, to be getting the first down. No. 2, to be down on the ground safe after a run. But I just wanted to get guys going. It was time to go and guys fed off that and made plays in the second half for us." -- QB Matthew Stafford on what he was screaming after he scrambled for a first down and spiked the ball.

"Those guys know I trust them. They’re going to have bad halves of football just like I’m going to have bad halves of football. It happens. We’re a team. We win together, we lose together, we play together." -- Stafford on what he said to teammates after dropped passes.

"Being a rookie, being young, you have to work your way up and earn that trust. I just talked to the quarterbacks this past week and they are finally getting used to how I run routes 'cause you know I am a little longer guy, not choppy, I stride out a little bit. Earning that trust with Matthew is tremendous and that’s the reason why it happened today." -- TE Joseph Fauria on his connection with Stafford in the red zone.


"We struggled, we struggled to run the ball and I think that kind of hurt us a little bit. They did a good job of stopping the run in the first half, stacking the box on us so that kind of limited us a little bit. I think in the second half once we started to open it up a little bit, you saw us starting to put some drives together." -- RB Reggie Bush on getting things going in the second half.

"I can definitely say that it was very emotional and very high. We came out with a chip on our shoulders in the second half and we knew that we didn’t want to let our leader down and that was Stephen Tulloch." -- S Louis Delmas on the mood in the locker room at halftime.

"You have to get it how you can get it. They weren’t going to throw the flag so I have to kind of illustrate and show them where he was at it. I think it was a good call." -- LB Stephen Tulloch on prodding the official for the intentional grounding call.

"I think last week we had a letdown. Up front we answered. I think all the stuff we have been going through this last week, we let it show out there on the field. We just have to keep pushing." -- G Rob Sims on being 4-2 with two road wins.

“Balled out. Balled out. He had a hell of a game. I will say that he had a hell of a game.” -- DT Nick Fairley on LB DeAndre Levy's performance.