POSTGAME CHAT: What Lions coaches and players had to say following Sunday's 25-21 loss

Posted Sep 16, 2013

From social media to the locker room, read and watch what players and coaches had to say following the Lions Week 2 loss at Arizona

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"All injuries are a big concern. We'll just wait and see with the test and everything else. But he dealt good enough that we were able to put him back in the game. He didn't feel good enough that he was able to finish the game, so I think you need to consider both of those things." -- Head coach Jim Schwartz on his level of concern regarding Reggie Bush's knee injury.

"That's always a tough situation when you get roughed and then you've got to come back and make the next field goal. But they didn't call roughing, they called running into the kicker, which didn't give us a first down and he had to get right back out there and go. That's a tough situation, but I don't think there was an issue after that, he was just a little bit shaken up." -- Schwartz on whether K David Akers tweaked something on one of his first field goal attempts.

"He was trying to run to the sticks. It is a play we have been running with great success all game and the guy made a good play. He caught him, tackled him right as he caught it. Nate ran a great route, got separation. The guy made a good play." -- QB Matthew Stafford on why Nate Burleson's 4th-and-4 route was shy of the first-down marker.

"Our confidence is high. We had some adversity, obviously had too many penalties again. One took away a turnover, had a couple other ones that were big and crucial and still had a chance to win the game at the end of the game. That’s all you can ask for in this league." -- Stafford on how the team is handling the loss.


"Maybe I got to give them credit, (for) the adjustment they made, but we left some stuff out there." -- WR Nate Burleson on the offensive performance in the second half compared with the first.

"We definitely wanted to get a 'W'. We had opportunities in the second half on offense I felt. We just didn’t get capitalize on them. It wasn't good field position or just moving the ball down the field like we wanted to, taking time off of the clock. We just didn’t stay on the field long enough in that second half. Whether it be mistakes or whatever, it’s only the second game we still have room to improve." -- WR Calvin Johnson on the Lions' loss at Arizona.

"I mean it's Week 2. People can make whatever they want out of it but were not going to say it's only the second week because obviously we think we could have won the game. They came out and played well and we missed some opportunities." -- LB DeAndre Levy on if too much can be made over a loss this early in the season.

"We just have to keep playing hard. We just keep playing hard and never do anything to intentionally hurt the team." -- DE Willie Young on penalties.

"(The hit) just kind of popped my right hip a little bit. Right in my right SI joint. Just kind of felt kind of loosey-goosey for a minute there when I hit the second one. Couple minutes later, just kind of worked it out. Felt fine. No ramifications after that. Just kind of popped weird." -- K David Akers on the being run into on his first field goal attempt.