POSTGAME CHAT: Watch and read what the Lions had to say following a 21-19 win at Chicago

Posted Nov 10, 2013

From Twitter to the locker room, read and watch the buzz that surrounded the Lions following a big divisional win

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“We had two different packages and we used that package quite a bit last week. I thought he went out and he tackled really well, I thought that was a big part. He was battling in there - some tough match ups. They use Brandon Marshall quite a bit in that slot, but we had two different groups, we ended up going with Don’s group a little bit more as the game went on because he was playing well." -- Head coach Jim Schwartz on Don Carey's performance.

"He’d be a great point guard the way that he’s been setting all the players up." -- Schwartz on DT Ndamukong Suh's tip that was intercepted by LB DeAndre Levy.

"Nick made, potentially, the play of game, getting them stopped on that two-point play." -- Schwartz on DT Nick Fairley.

"It didn’t come to my side, but I was hitting them. I know that if Nick wasn’t there to make the play, which he obviously did, I was there to help him clean it up." -- Suh on stopping the Bears' two-point conversion.

"You have to make this win count later on down the road and starting with this next week. We have a new opponent. One we’re not familiar with. We don’t play very often and a team that’s dangerous. We have to use this win in a positive light and make sure that we’re ready to go next week." -- QB Matthew Stafford on the team's reaction to the win.

"We talk about (how) it counts twice. It gives us a win and gives them a loss. Anytime you can do that, it’s going to help you." -- Stafford on sweeping the season series with the Bears.

"I think the most important thing is that we own our own destiny. That’s most important. We don’t want to have to rely on anybody else to take care of us or help us to get to the next level, which is the playoffs." -- Suh on being in first place in the NFC North.

"We won here my rookie year? See, that’s how long it’s been." -- WR Calvin Johnson on how big it is to win at Chicago.

"Obviously there are going to be a lot of talks of how well we're playing and what we're doing right and all these things, but one of the things that we can't do is eat the cheese, so to speak, like we like to say. We just have to focus on the little things right now and not worry about the division and winning the division, but this next game. That's it." -- RB Reggie Bush on the Lions controlling their own destiny.

"I don’t even want to talk about it, but it was good to see it go our way." -- Johnson on the "Calvin Johnson Rule" reversing an Alshon Jeffery touchdown.

"It feels good. I think everybody is obviously excited that we got the win today. We’re still focused on doing little things right. Obviously this is a good win for us, we have another tough test next week against Pittsburgh. It’s a good win for us, obviously we’ll take it. We still have to keep our focus smart." -- Bush on the team reacting to being in first place.


"He’s a strong individual. He got up after every hit. We were just like, we just got to keep coming and hopefully we get there good enough to where he would be shaken a little. Like I said, he kept getting up and he’s a strong guy." -- DT Nick Fairley on Bears QB Jay Cutler playing through injuries.

"We were just trying to keep everything in front of us and making plays as they came. Nick (Fairley) made a huge play to get us off the field. We’ve become accustomed to expecting that from him. We would (have liked) to get off the field that first time, but you can’t control the circumstances of the game. You have to go out there and play the snaps." -- S Don Carey on stopping the two-point conversion.

"That’s none of my concern. I wish he was 100-percent. I hope he is 100-percent. I hope he gets better, but it does not matter to me at all." -- DT CJ Mosley on Cutler's health.

"Did you see my reaction? I ran on the field, man. He just ... probably couldn’t know how happy I was for him to win the game and for it to be him." -- Mosley on his reaction to Fairley's play on Chicago's two-point conversion.