POSTGAME CHAT: The buzz surrounding the Lions 31-30 fourth-quarter victory

Posted Oct 27, 2013

From Twitter to the locker room, read what Lions players (and others) had to say following Detroit's 31-30 win over Dallas

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"Just wait until he's 100-percent." -- Head coach Jim Schwartz on WR Calvin Johnson's performance.

"Yeah, I might rethink my mantra on this one." -- Schwartz on his mantra that no win means more than another.

"Our whole O-line just stood straight up. I think that probably helped, I think their D-line probably just stood up and was like, 'Oh, he's not doing anything.' I don't know, I was just going for it man. Shoot, just trying to win a game." -- QB Matthew Stafford on whether anyone else knew he was going to bring the ball in for a touchdown.

"Durham did a great job and never quit. He, just like everybody else in the stadium ... thinks I'm throwing the ball to 81 (Johnson), right? You've got to defend everybody and everybody has to run. Durham did a great job of running and makes a huge play for us. Sets us up for a chance to win the game and we did it." -- Stafford on whether his 40-yard pass to Kris Durham at the end of the game was his best.

"Like I told him when he texted me earlier -- I didn't know what he was talking about when he texted me, because I don't really pay attention to the media that much. I'm just going out there doing my job." -- WR Calvin Johnson on how much talk from WR Dez Bryant affected him.

"Shoot, I'm going to get hit, so I might as well make the catch." -- Johnson on his mindset when he catches the ball between two defenders.

"It's a great win. It's better to go 5-3 instead of 4-4. Obviously, a pretty dramatic way to go into the bye and definitely excited that we ended up on the right end of this stick. That's the important part to me, not necessarily the fashion that we did it in." -- DT Ndamukong Suh on putting this win into words.


This is an amazing win today. It is a testament to the character to the guys on this team. We kept fighting, I think we made about every mistake possible in that game, but we kept fighting till the end. They kind of messed up and got a penalty toward the end and gave us some extra time on the clock. It's the heart of a champion, the heart of a Lion." -- RB Reggie Bush on the win.

"We talked about how the really good teams don't stack losses on top of losses, the really good teams are able to bounce back from the loss and stack wins on top of wins. We talked about it all week, just getting the win today. I don't think anybody could imagine it would be this ugly, but we got it." -- Bush on if this win is redemption after last week's game.

"It gives us a lot of confidence that we battled and that we can come back and win games, tough games. I believe that if this was last year or the year before, we probably would have lost." -- CB Chris Houston on this win going into the bye.

"I knew we had a chance. We got back out there with that much time, there was no doubt in my mind that Matt would make a play, Calvin would make a play, Reggie would make a play. It worked out for us. Kris Durham came up with a huge play. He's stepping up, playing a big role for us." -- LB DeAndre Levy on the Lions' final offensive drive.

"The greatest. The dude is amazing. The guy doesn't say anything, Dez Bryant comes to the paper and says he thinks he's that caliber, but he lets his hands do the talking. The guy is unreal, he's a great person, a great teammate and I am happy I have the opportunity to play with him in my career." -- G Rob Sims on Johnson's performance.

"I might be his No. 1 fan. On and off the field, the way that man carries himself even though the tough times, he lost a fumble, and what does he do? He has the tenacity to do that. You saw it on film. You can't lie." -- DE Willie Young on Johnson's performance.