POSTGAME CHAT: Schwartz, players react following 24-21 loss to Tampa Bay

Posted Nov 24, 2013

From Twitter to the locker room, read and watch the Lions' postgame reactions following Sunday's loss

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"As disappointing and as bitter of a loss as this is, we have a short turnaround to bounce back. We have a five-game season. This does not eliminate us from the playoffs. It doesn't do anything other than make the last five games even more urgent." -- Head coach Jim Schwartz on how tough a loss this is.

"We had a punt blocked. We had five turnovers. We gave up a play over the top. We played our butts off on defense the whole game and then gave up a play over the top for a touchdown and a coverage that we shouldn't have given up on that play. That's how we ended up with a loss." -- Schwartz on the team's performance.

"Can't make bad decisions. Had a couple bad ones, had a couple unlucky bounces. You do that, you turn the ball over five times, have a punt blocked and all that, (we've been in) the minus part of the turnover ratio for a long time now. We've got to get that fixed." -- QB Matthew Stafford on what he can do better to help this team reach its full potential.

"Got to get hot at the end of the season. We haven't played our best in any phase. It's something that we've got to continue to work on. Obviously this is a short week. Got to get in there, study Green Bay as soon as we possibly can and come out ready to go on Thursday." -- Stafford on how frustrating it has been not to be playing their best football with such opportunity the last couple weeks.


"It's just a bang-bang (play). I wanted to turn up, get up-field, and as soon as I did, the dude was right there. He got a good hit on me and the ball is in my hands. I don't know if he got his hands on the ball or whatever, but it just came out." -- WR Calvin Johnson on losing the football on the offense's final play.

"We're executing ... it's the turnovers. If we don't have the turnovers, we look great out there, but when we have turnovers, then this is what happens." -- Johnson on whether he is surprised by the lack of execution.

"Overall, as a team, we didn't put it together. Obviously, at critical points and times, you can't make mistakes. In all three phases, we didn't capitalize. If you look at the defense, we still have an opportunity to get the ball back for our offense. It's just the mistakes that we made." -- DT Ndamukong Suh on how the game slipped away in the fourth quarter.

"You can't say you should win every wingle game. You want to win every single game and you can't take any team in this league lightly, whether they're 0-and-whatever, or they have only two wins on the season, you have to respect everybody. I don't think our team by any means too them lightly. I just feel like we made too many mistakes to obviously win the game. We got what we deserved." -- Suh on if these are the games that the team should and needs to win.

"I'm not trying to take anything away from Tampa. We're the better team but they played better today and they were a better team than us today and I have to give them credit. We are mad about that, we're mad that we lost. We're mad that we made a ton of mistakes but we still had a chance to win." -- WR Nate Burleson on the game.

"We have a game in a few days and we still have a chance to win the division, so there is so much more to be happy about than to be overly frustrated." -- Burleson on the loss.

"We turned the ball over five times. I don't care how good our defense plays, we turned the ball over five times. We're not going to win." -- RB Reggie Bush on if his "don't eat the cheese" saying a few weeks ago came true.

"We had a lot of errors, a lot of mental mistakes today. It wasn't us, it wasn't like us. We have to find a way to fix this and fix it quick." -- Bush on why the offense struggled to execute.