POSTGAME CHAT: Schwartz, players react following 14-13 loss at Minnesota

Posted Dec 29, 2013

From Twitter to the locker room following the game, read player and coach reactions to Sunday's loss

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"It was just a normal game week for the coaches and getting ready for this game. We don’t have anything different planned from the return trip and tomorrow and everything else. I know the way this business it, we all do, but we can’t worry about decisions that we don’t make." -- Head coach Jim Schwartz on whether he received any clarity regarding his future.

"I think that we’re confident in the way that we work and that what we’re doing as a team. Obviously we didn’t win enough games this year and there’s no standard really to judge other than that, and I understand that in this business." -- Schwartz on whether he believes he earned a sixth season as Lions head coach.

"I’d certainly like to be back. I think we have unfinished business here. We’ve come a long way in these years, but we still have some ground that we can make and I’m anxious to have a chance to be able to do that." -- Schwartz on his future in Detroit.

"Not satisfied with our record. The effort of this team and the preparation, we were in every single football game we played this year. We had chances to win all of them. We didn’t win as many as we probably could have or should have. That’s on the players for not making the plays. We understand that, but the effort of this team and the character in that locker room is something to be proud of." -- QB Matthew Stafford on the tone of the locker room after the game.

"It’s something that we did a really good job of in the first half of the season, playing well in the fourth quarter. For whatever reason, myself, defense, special teams or whatever it is we have had some lapses that haven’t helped our chances of winning games. In the NFL you have to play good for all four quarters. We understand that. It’s something that we can improve on." -- Stafford on disappointment of not playing well in the fourth quarter.


"I’m not in position to make any calls. I think Coach Schwartz is a great coach. I think he has caught a lot of slack for a lot of things that aren’t his fault. Like I said, it’s a players’ game. Ultimately, it will always be a players’ game. It’s about what you do on the football field." -- RB Reggie Bush on whether he thinks Schwartz returning would be a good thing for the team.

"Just saying that it’s been a tough year. He was proud to stand next to us and fight with us throughout this whole season and is proud to call us his brothers. We’ll see what happens next year." -- Bush on what Schwartz said to them after the game.

“I wouldn’t expect him to. I don’t think this is the appropriate time to even talk about that. There’s no point for him to talk about his future when there’s a lot of guys in here that don’t know about their own." -- WR Nate Burleson on whether Schwartz talked about his future after the game.

"No, worry is a complete waste of words. I love playing with these guys. If it ended tomorrow, I'd be saddened by it, but I'm too old to worry." -- Burleson on whether he is worried about his future.

"There are a whole lot of things we can point to, but like I said, it’s been hard. This is the NFL, this is how stuff can go sometimes. It’s unfortunate and we just have to learn from it." -- G Rob Sims on ending the season with four straight losses.

"I hope so. He has a good repertoire with the players. We play for Jim. All these losses are not for a lack of effort. He gets us to practice every week, but this is the NFL and this is a billion-dollar business. People have to make billion-dollar decisions. When the dust clears, we’ll see where we are." -- Sims on whether he expects Schwartz to return next season.