POSTGAME CHAT: Lions react following 23-20 overtime loss to the Giants

Posted Dec 22, 2013

Head coach Jim Schwartz and Lions players address the team's loss to the Giants that led to Detroit being eliminated from the playoffs

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"We didn't have great field position. We tried to run a trap and hope to break it and try to get a first down right there. If we got a first down we would have been ready to jump on it, but we didn't, and at that point I liked our odds in overtime as opposed to trying to take a chance." -- Head coach Jim Schwartz on whether he gave any thought to calling a timeout at the end of regulation.

His ansence obviously affects things, but Calvin is a tough guy. He tried to do whatever he could today. Calvin's beat up." -- Schwartz on Calvin Johnson's absence affecting the game.

"He said that it was obviously tough. He said he was proud of our work ethic all year. He said we have to keep fighting, keep pushing." -- QB Matthew Stafford on Schwartz's message in the locker room after the game.

We have had two, back-to-back, heartbreakers at home with games that were decided by field goals. I am proud of the team, they fought extremely hard, battled through a bunch of crap and kept fighting. It just didn't come out our way." -- Stafford on his emotions after the game.


“We didn't do enough to win, plain and simple. The Detroit Lions, this team, offense, defense, special teams, we didn't do enough to win. It's unfortunate because we had opportunities, that's what it came down to." -- DT Ndamukong Suh on the loss.

Ndamukong Suh"It's sickening," said Ndamukong Suh of the loss.

"It is unfortunate. Things happened and we have to deal with it as grown men and as players and professionals. It's sickening, but we just have to go back to work." -- Suh on his emotions after the game.

"Personally, I think it is on us as players. We have to execute. We are put in great situations and when it comes down to situational football we haven't done our best to come out on the right end. That's where I think the blame should be, is on the players. Especially myself included, especially as a starter." -- Suh on who is to blame for the team missing the playoffs.

"It's tough, no other way to put it." -- RB Reggie Bush on the loss.

"As a playmaker and as a running back, that's a cardinal sin is to turn the ball over and to fumble the ball. It's been a tough year, but we still have one game left. We still have to find a way to get better and finish this thing strong." -- Bush on his lost fumble.

"What went wrong? For one, we need some more turnovers on defense. For two, we just have to put up points and be able to control the game. Unfortunately, we haven't been able to do that the last couple weeks." -- LB Stephen Tulloch on what went wrong the previous six weeks.

"'Shocked,' I think that's a good word. Very shocked. I could never imagine, the way we started, the way we came into training camp. We just knew we were going to roll. After that 6-3 start, things started to kind of unravel a bit. I'm not sure what it was, but it's a tough situation." -- Tulloch on if he is shocked with the way the Lions season ended.

"It's one of those things that's going to hurt as time goes on. Right now it's frustrating, but this is going to be right up there with the most difficult losses of the season. Just have to deal with it. Handle it like a man, take your lumps and move on." -- WR Nate Burleson on putting the season in perspective.