Opponent Postgame Quotes: Lions vs. Bills

Posted Sep 2, 2010


Opening Statement:
"I thought our first groups went out there and did okay; not great, but okay. It was a great interception to score – that was big. The second half, we couldn’t block anybody. They’re strong on the defensive front; first, second, and however many number of groups they got, they’re strong, but it was an awful display by our offensive line at times out there. We have to sure that up in every respect."
On QB Brian Brohm’s performance:
"He did some good things and some bad things. I think I need to go watch the film to get a truer evaluation of that. He did some nice things; he scrambled great. It’s sort of sad when your quarterback is your leading rusher, I know that. He did a great job of scrambling and getting out of jump."
On RB Joique Bell:
"Joique Bell has been one of the more pleasant surprises. He’s done an excellent job; he’s a really good football player; he’s learned a lot. He was doing one thing in college and he’s had to learn the entire game here and he’s done a good job picking it up. There will be some tough decisions for us."
On rookie QB Levi Brown:
"He made some great throws, and he made some horrendous throws. We have to get the horrendous out. He will learn from this and hopefully be able to go forward. He’s got great potential, there’s no question about that. Working with him, he’s got great potential."


On his performance today:
"It would have been better to get in a little more rhythm with the offense. We had some drives stall out there; we were able to get quite a few first downs, but that’s not the name of the game – the name of the game is scoring points."
On his running ability:
"A few times there I stepped up and kind of opened up a lane. They were dropping back pretty deep, so I had plenty of room to run so I took off and got what I could get. I was trying to get as many yards as I could and get the first down."
On Detroit’s defense:
"They weren’t doing anything we haven’t seen. They were blitzing quite a bit when I was in there, but it wasn’t anything we hadn’t seen on film. It was something we were ready for and prepared for."


On how he think he did tonight:
"You never really feel like you did as well as you could have. Like you said, there were probably like three or four plays I wish I could have back – the interception being the biggest one obviously. It’s hard when you don’t get a lot of reps in practice to go out and execute everything the way you’re supposed to. Which not to make an excuse, I just missed throws. Its not that I didn’t make the reads, I missed throws. Some good, some bad."
On converting on long down and distances:
"I felt like I kind of struggled when I started off, and we got into some long down and distances and wasn’t getting many completions. So I tried to take what they gave me and try to get in a little bit of a rhythm, get some completions to get us going, so that was part of it. They played a lot of cover-two, so it’s hard to go deep against that."


On how his preseason has been:
"So far it’s been great; it’s everything I would have imagined. Of course, everything is going to pick up a lot now and I think I’m doing a good job as far as my pickups and learning the speed of the game and adjusting to it, period."
On competition at running back and being a special teams player:
"Yeah, the coaches love me on special teams, as far as they love getting me out there and letting me fly around on the field just to see what I can do. I love to get out and there show them what I can do. Special teams might be my way onto the team, so I’m going to take full advantage of that."
On proving people wrong in college and now in the NFL:
"Yeah, of course that’s everywhere. You know, you always want to have someone who’s going to have that on the pen about you, but it’s not about what they think, it’s about what you think about yourself and what you think you can achieve on your own. For me to come out here and just be here now, is a statement. I’m not looking back; I’m only going forward from here."