Meet Willie Young and Jason Fox tonight at Bass Pro Shops

Posted May 17, 2013

Young and Fox having some fun at each others expense in anticipation of June 10th's Kevin VanDam Charity Fishing Tournament

It doesn't take much to get the competitive juices flowing when it comes to professional athletes. Players will compete in just about anything, even when it comes to charitable events.

If fans want to see some of that competition up close and personal, they can get a preview Friday night at Bass Pro Shops in Auburn Hills where defensive end Willie Young and offensive tackle Jason Fox will hold a meet and greet from 6-7:30.

They are doing so on behalf of the Kevin VanDam Charity Fishing Tournament, which will take place Tuesday, June 10 at Kensington Metro Park.

Fans can purchase general admission tickets for $100 and see teams will compete to see who can catch the biggest bass.

Young and Fox -- both on Twitter -- have been having fun at the other's expense.

Following a tweet from the team Twitter account asking who fans thought was the better fisherman, one fan expressed allegience to Fox.

"Yeah, but check out (Willie Young)," responded the Lions' handle.

Fox (@JasonFox70) then rebutted with a photo of one of his recent catches: "that's not a fish, this is a fish."

Young (@YoungWill79) responded that he will provide "exclusive footage" of his big catch coming up soon. Fans will have to stay tuned.

Tonight's meet and greet will be held at Bass Pro Shops in Auburn Hills:

Bass Pro Shops
4500 Baldwin Rd
Auburn Hills, MI 48326