Mayhew says Lions should compete for NFC North

Posted Aug 5, 2011

Now in his third year as Detroit Lions general manager, Martin Mayhew says the team put together by himself, Head Coach Jim Schwartz and President Tom Lewand is ready to compete for the division.

“I think we’re at a point now where we expect to challenge for our division and that’s what most good teams expect to do," he said prior to Friday's practice.

"We’re at that point, but it’s the first week of August. I think we have to be measured and we have to keep making continued improvement every day of training camp. We’re still trying to add talent to our roster. Our guys are still gelling as a football team – there are a lot of new faces. So we have a lot of work to do.”

The Lions have come a long way since 2008. Mayhew, Schwartz and Lewand officially took over the following year.

Looking back at that first season and comparing it to the present, Mayhew acknowledges the steps the team has made toward their original objective.

“It feels great to see that I think we can match up with anybody in this league with the team that we have right now," he said. "That feels great. But we have to go out and do it. We have to go out and win football games. That’s what our team is going to be about.”