Lions sell out Monday Night Football in less than an hour

Posted Aug 24, 2011

Team President Tom Lewand announced Wednesday morning that the Detroit Lions sold out their Monday Night Football game against the Chicago Bears in less than an hour.

"The other tickets are moving fast," he said. "We had about 400 to 500 people in line this morning down at the Ford Field box office starting around 5 a.m., which was surprising to us in the day and age of the internet and even toll free phone calls."

That Monday Night Football game was a hot seller, followed by the Thanksgiving Day game against the reigning Super Bowl Champion Green Bay Packers.

At the time of Lewand's announcement, there were minimal seats available.

"There were just a few left when I came out here to practice," he said.

Detroit's last Monday Night Football game was nearly a decade to the date of this year's match-up on October 10. The last Lions game played on Monday Night in downtown Detroit dates back to 1974.

Asked whether the Lions would "do anything special" in light of the event, Lewand replied, "Hopefully the most special thing will be a nice win against the Bears."

There is a clear excitement surrounding the team this year, tangibly evident through initial ticket sales.

"(Fans are) making an investment in us and that's an investment we have to honor and respect," said Lewand. "Now it's up to us to deliver a return on that investment."

Players certainly feel the hype and are relishing the attention.

“The excitement is something that they feel," said Lewand. "I think they embrace it and they also understand with the expectation, comes a responsibility to deliver."