Lions Postgame Quotes, 10-16-11

Posted Oct 16, 2011



Opening statement:
"We’re not going to go 16-0. We didn’t play our best in any of the three phases: offense, defense, or special teams. (It) still came down to one play at the end on defense and we fell just short. We have to do a better job in all three phases. We have to protect the quarterback better, have to run the ball better, make more plays down the field; we have to stop the run better. We have to cover our kicks better, we have to convert field goals. Like I said, we didn’t’ play our best in all three phases, and came up short.”
On what happened at the end of the game with Jim Harbaugh:
"I don’t know. (I) went to congratulate Coach Harbaugh and got shoved out of the way. (I) didn’t expect an obscenity at that point, so it was a surprise to me at the end of the game."
On who shoved who and who shouted the obscenity:
"I’ll just leave it right there. I’m sure it’s on video.”
On his relationship with Harbaugh over the years:
"Like I said, I didn’t expect…After the game, went to shake an opponent coach’s hand. Obviously you win a game like that, you’re excited and things like that, but I think there’s a protocol that goes with this league."
On if he was upset with the timeout (49ers) on fourth down:
"No, not at all; that’s basketball timeout. I’d do the same thing."
On the long punt return that put the 49ers in position to score the game-winning touchdown:
"We’ve haven’t covered kicks our best. We’ve had them hemmed up too many times. We haven’t been able to get off blocks and we’ve fallen off too many tackles. We have to do a better job there."
On whether QB Matthew Stafford didn’t throw the ball well or didn’t have receivers getting open:
"Well, I think it was a combination of both. I mean, when we would get guys free, never really got great run after the catch, which you need to do when you’re playing those kinds of things. And then, the other part of it was Matt didn’t have a whole lot of time today. We had a hard time getting the run game going. When it’s one-dimensional that way, and I think it was, you’re going to have a difficult time, and we did today."
On the missed field goal at the end of the first half:
"It was just a little bit off. It was within Jason’s range and we have a lot of confidence in him making those plays. But, that’s (a) 6-point turnaround right there, us miss, and that set up them up for field goal and they were able to get it."
On if a loss is part of the process:
"I think the biggest thing is we just need to play better in all three phases and if we do that, then we’ll get on the winning side. It has been a long time—December of last year is the last time that we’ve lost a football game. So it hurts right now, but there’s a lot to correct. Like I said, we didn’t play our best in any three phases and (it) still came down to one play."
On ever getting a handshake from Harbaugh:
"I wasn’t hoping to get anything, but…just…I wasn’t hoping to get anything at the end.”
On Harbaugh blaming Schwartz:
"Well, I mean, I’ll just say this, I’ll just say that, you know, it was a big win for them, and they were excited about it and I think I’ll just leave it there."
On WR Nate Burleson’s touchdown and whether he completed the process:
"I think they got the call right. He caught the ball and gets (his feet) down and he’s not going to the ground as part of the catch and I think that in the end, we got it right. Otherwise, we got to pick up nets and move walls back fifteen yards and things like that if we’re going to include stuff like that into the process of (the catch). I think Nate made a good catch, got his feet down, and we got the right call in that situation."
On DE Kyle Vanden Bosch’s injury:
"Yeah I think; you guys know me with injuries. You know we’ll see where all of them  are, but I think we’re okay."


On the frustration of never getting the offense in a rhythm:
"They're a good football team. San Fran's got a great defense. They do a great job stopping the run and getting after the passer. They played a lot of coverage tonight and took away some of our guys and did what they've been doing all season. They did a great job in the redzone and held us out of some touchdowns."
On how much penalties hurt the offense:
"I think that hurt us some. Some negative plays here and there; lost yardage runs, some sacks and just some things that went the other way for us and that's a good enough team where you can't have those. We've got to get back to work and get ready for next week."
On what the 49ers defense did to take away WR Calvin Johnson:
"They did a good job of trying to take him away. He had some big plays in the game. He did his part, as always, and they did a good job of trying to take him away."
On what he learned from a loss like this:
"We've got to go back to work this week and we're at home again next week, which is nice. We will get a chance to come out for the home fans and play a really good Atlanta team too. It's going to be another challenge for us."
On what the 49ers showed defensively that didn't allow him to get the passes that he wanted:
"We threw the ball a lot tonight. Sometimes it's going to happen. They played a lot of man underneath coverage, so you know your completion percentage may not be as high, but the guys did a great job of catching the ball for me, but we didn't make enough plays to win the game."
On why the Lions' offense wasn't in sync today:
"I don't know. It's a good defense. They made some plays against us and we made some plays against them. It's the way it goes. We just didn't make enough to win it."
On if this loss stings:
"It's never fun to lose. We didn't play well in any of the three phases of the game and we obviously didn't play well enough to win the game. We've got to go back to work on Monday and get ready for next week."
On if the building had the same energy as Monday night:
"Yes, it was great. Our fans did an awesome job of coming out. It was really tough on (the 49ers) early on. They had some false starts. They were there with us until the end. Fourth down and goal they did a great job of getting loud too."
On what the Lions' offense wasn't able to get done:
"Just score enough points to win. We didn't throw and catch the ball well enough. We didn't run the ball well enough. We were behind the sticks a little bit today. We've got to go back to work and get ready for next week."
On why the receivers weren't getting separation from the defenders:
"That's a very good defense. Part of their scheme is all those guys can jump intermediate and lower routes because they know they have help over the top. They had help over the top all game and we didn't do enough as an offense to make them pay where they had to run the ball or me putting some good throws on some guys."
On how damaging was it not being able to convert in the redzone:
"It's tough. They are a very good team; especially in the redzone – No. 1 in the NFL. We weren't able to get it done. We had some things drawn up for the next time we got down there and didn't get a chance to get back down."
On if this was the best defensive front they've faced this season:
"That's a good front four. They did a good job of getting after us a little bit. It's part of the game of football and we've got to adjust and play better next game."


On if the 49ers did anything to surprise the Lions defense:
"Not really. They played their game primarily what we expected. They put a couple wrinkles in there, but nothing that we couldn’t adjust to. The one thing I noticed in their offense that they added in was a wham-play, coming from the outside in. They definitely did the trap, but it is something that we can definitely (correct). They hit us, but we should have adjusted a little bit quicker and I thought that we did. But they got out on us twice."
On if it was a game of missed opportunities:
"No question it is definitely a team issue of what we didn’t do for ourselves. We didn’t capitalize in the Red Zone as we normally do and for whatever that reason is, it is that way. On the defensive side of the ball, we didn’t hold them. I am sure he had 100 rushing yards in Gore so it is both sides. It is definitely a team effort of what we didn’t do and there is no reason to point fingers to anybody. It was a collective failing of obviously we did not end up winning the game."
On if outside of two runs, the Lions were able to bottle up 49ers RB Frank Gore:
"Yeah, for the most part. I think we definitely had him contained, but I mean those are big plays and that is what the NFL is all about. Big plays that turn into scores for them and it is unfortunate that we couldn’t bounce back like we have in the past."
On bouncing back from the loss:
"We have done it before, so we just go back to the drawing table, continue to do what we do, continue to work hard and on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, review the film tomorrow, and get back to the drawing table. We don’t have to do anything new, we just need to execute. It would be one thing if we played our (best) and played 100-percent Lions football and we (still) lost the game. That would be a different story. We would have to find something to do, but we absolutely played like crap so it is a matter of us going back to the table and doing what we normally do and just picking up from where we left off on Monday night."


On the offense and their defense:
"We didn’t score in the red zone. We felt pretty good about our plan in the red zone. We didn’t score. We’ll take a long hard look at the film. It’s been nine weeks since we lost, so, nobody is used to this feeling especially the guys that just got here. We’ll see what we’re made of now. We can bounce back."
On if the short practice week had any effect:
"No, I don’t think so; I don’t think that was it. We had opportunities today. We just didn’t capitalize on our opportunities. We’ve got to get more than three out of the red zone."
On if the coverage on WR Calvin Johnson was a factor:
"I don’t know what the coverages were. You ask tomorrow, I can tell you more. I know from our standpoint, the line got hit too much and that’s what we have to fix."
On the offense’s rhythm:
"He (Stafford) got hit too much. Give them credit, they’re a good front, Justin Smith and Ray McDonald, is one of the better D-tackle combo that we are going to face this year and we’ve got to play better."
On if the loss will strengthen the team:
"We forgot what it was like to lose and we lost. We have to bounce back; we’ve got to figure something out and bounce back."


On if the defense was frustrated with the offense:
"We made our own mistakes on defense. There were a lot of run yards to their running backs. Our point of emphasis coming into this game was to stop the run game and we didn't do a good job of that. Like I said, we probably didn't play well enough to win this game. But here we are at the end with the opportunity to beat a good team and we definitely didn't play our best football. It's kind of the theme week after week in this locker room after games is we didn't play our best. It's something we have to fix. It's something we have to fix in a hurry because we have the potential to be a really, really good team and we've only done that it spurts. We need to be more consistent and not make the mistakes that come back and affect the outcome of games."
On if a loss makes them stronger in the long run:
"This team was going to go back to work with the same approach, regardless of how this game ended up. We had a pretty good feeling we weren't going to go undefeated this season. We got a loss; maybe humbled in a way. Not necessarily because of the loss, but because of the way we played. We just didn't play our best football."
On if being on or off at times is the reality of football:
"We weren't even close to being on, though. We have ability to dominate games offensively, defensively and special teams with the players we have and the coaches we have. We're not playing dominant football right now. The thing I like about this team is the way we work, the way we approach each week. I can guarantee the problems we had in this game, we'll get them fixed in a hurry and they won't be reoccurring throughout the season."
On if they were carryover mistakes or new mistakes in this game:
"New mistakes. We're getting new things, new wrinkles the way teams are attacking us. The thing we've done up to this point is we've seen something early in the game and don't fit it up well or don't play a certain play very well, we've done a good job of making halftime adjustments and sideline adjustments and corrections. Something we probably could have done better as players in this game. Seemed like we were getting beat, especially in the run game, by the same play. But it's definitely something we can fix and will fix this week."


On the two big runs allowed by the defense:
"It's a play that we've seen several times before from the preseason, early on in the season, a couple teams ran it. It's a play that, obviously they're seeing something that we're having a hard time fitting up and one missed gap on that play and they can split you. It's kind of a tricky thing, but it's something we've worked on. (Coach) Burke gave us that play every week in practice. It's just something that we've got to put the fire out on."
On if the short work week mattered:
"I don't think so. I think we bounced back really well. We came in, got an extra day. We practiced – I feel like we had a normal week. Guys had energy, weren't really worn out, didn't really have a hangover from that high. Just came out here and weren't technically sound."
On San Francisco's game-winning touchdown:
"I was really frustrated because a couple plays before that, I think a couple guys – we got kind of flustered. Guys were lining up late, getting the calls late, kind of got rattled. Despite all that, we had them at 4th and 6 and still had a chance to stop them. We usually rise to the occasion. We've got to be able to do that consistently."


On the feeling after the loss:
"I mean, it speaks for itself. We didn't get the win like we wanted to. (We) left a lot of plays out there and points on the board. We didn't make enough plays. It is pretty much what it is."
On the speed of the 49ers linebackers:
"Yeah, they had some guys out there that could run a little bit, that could run with me a little bit. They were kind of in my hip pocket. They played man coverage the whole game on me. They zone rarely. But for the most part, that is what I had over me. I had (LB Patrick) Willis over me the whole game."
On if the middle of the field was open more often than not:
"Yeah, the middle was open, but I mean they played man. We just tried some different stuff, some man (matchup), we still tried some but that is what we had."