Kyle Van Noy Blog: My expectation for rookie camp is to learn the defense completely

Posted May 16, 2014

Rookie linebacker Kyle Van Noy talks about his time in Detroit so far and looking forward to rookie minicamp

I’m feeling really good right now just because now that I’m a professional football player, I get to do my job every day. I’m excited that I can play football every day and just train for it … go over assignments, go over things that I missed and just get better.

Of course I’ve reconnected with (defensive end) Ziggy Ansah. Me and him have already been playing video games against each other, kicking it, just having a good time and talking. I’ve only been here a week, but we’ve been good. I can’t wait to finally get a place and hopefully it will be next to his so he can cook me his African food and all that.

My expectation for rookie camp is to learn the defense completely and be able to go into OTAs without skipping a beat, being able to go with the veterans. If they say run with the ones, than I’ll be running quickly. If they tell me to run with the twos, run quickly with them and make everything a smooth transition. It's just to get all the cobwebs off since I haven’t been out there playing seven-on-seven and all those things.

I think the new defense will be a positive thing for me because I don’t think there are certain starters in place right now. I think everybody has to establish themselves with the new coaching staff. Everybody starts on a new playing field. Last year’s stats don’t matter. This year is a new year with the new coaching staff so I’m looking forward to it.